From Nigeria; R. Kelly, Sunday Nuggets, ObamAfrica, 24 Hour Rain and my car….. Nov12th 2009 Nov12th 2009?

I have being doing some thinking of late regarding JideSaluDiary (JSD). The very first entry in JSD was on the 12th of November 2008 making it a year in 4 months time.

Some readers have asked me for my real name, not wanting to believe that an African and a Nigerian would want to reveal all for the world to read and judge.

I started the diary/blog with one goal in mind, and that was to tell or should I say feed back to Nigerians abroad and foreigners all over the world what Nigeria is all about and how blessed this country is, coming from someone who had been out of the country for almost two decades.. To make it real, I risked all and reported on my family. Whether this was sensible or not, only time will tell. I thought it was a sacrifice worth taking.

I knew some would find it very interesting, and judging by comments, many and I would say a majority of readers have found the journey captivating, amusing and revealing. And a minority few have kicked against it as well. What on earth is this guy doing revealing all about himself and his family, reports have reached me? Some people out of the minority group have also wondered how I have been able to provide updates on a daily basis, with 196 posts so far and 1,705 comments recorded so far.

JSD if I may add has also generated over 60, 000 page views. The website Afrigator has also ranked it no. 11 in popular blogs in Nigeria and No. 112 in Africa. So for an 8 month old blog, it has ranked well. The hits and page views have risen astronomically and I am well pleased. Moreso, my dear Uncle Biodun Omole has given it the thumbs Up, and how high an approval would I want? But, there is a but, a big but!

I am beginning to wonder if I have achieved all that I have set out to achieve. I am on the verge of calling it quits now that the ovation is high. The thoughts are getting stronger each day. Don’t get me wrong, you all know I do not need to convince you that I enjoy writing, but there has to be a reason and a goal to write. Have I conquered mine? What else is there to write about? The corruption amongst Politicians, the irregular power supply, Generator, Driver, House maid, Meguard, Rain and flood, traffic, poverty, affluence, opportunities, opportunities and opportunities.

I do not want to bore my readers; hence, I believe I am reaching a point where I will call it a day with blogging via JSD.

Also, I had set a standard, an unusually high standard for myself. There are very few bloggers out there who update every single day except the weekend. I may have pushed myself very hard. It is a daunting task if I am to be honest with you. Ask any blogger.

Bloggers are writers, authors. While a novelist writes and sets it aside to be edited before finally sending it to a publisher, a blogger, say like myself, writes everyday and sends it straight to be published. That is one hard task. Also, because of whom I am, I am very mindful of my reader. Every single one of you. I publish to uplift and not to dampen the spirit, hence you have categories such as Tips, On a lighter note and Sunday Nuggets.


My point is this, it will be unfair if I suddenly I pull the plug without prior notice, hence I am writing and informing you in advance that, this could probably be the beginning of the countdown to November 11 2009. We shall all this.


Obama was in Ghana and good on him and Ghana. I could give you a million reasons why it was a good decision he did not bother to come to Nigeria, but I would not. All I would say is, thank God the world would not see more of our shanties, the heavy traffic, the bad roads, the wicked political faces, the hangers on and spare us all the embarrassment of power outage possibly during one of Obama’s addresses. Thank God and thank you Obama.

R. Kelly thrills Nigerians
R. Kelly thrills Nigerians

So while we were spared the embarrassment of the world press camping at our door steps and reporting every minor detail back to the world, the R & B super star R. Kelly was dispatched to represent America in Nigeria. Why does it have to be another party, when there are more serious things we could discuss with America at this point in time?

Nigerians, well the really wealthy ones, had the best excuse to drown their sorrows at a ThisDay organised concert. Although he performed at TBS, it was reported that he was also at the Federal Palace Hotel with ticket prices commanding a whooping N250, 000 ($1,612 0r £1,000) per VIP and N100, 000 ($645 or £400) for NSVIP (Not So Very Important Person). So there you have it. A friend who attended had to leave at 12 midnight after waiting for 4 hours. R. Kelly hadn’t shown up, and guess what, he was to spend 60 minutes singing and convincing all that he believes Obama has the right to fly to , guess where – Ghana.

Rain, Rain and More Rain
Rain, Rain and More Rain

RAIN, RAIN come again….

It started on Friday evening and did not stop until early hours Sunday. It was a case of 24 hours non-stop. You just do not want to see the state of the roads. All I can say is, I never thought the day would ever come when I would openly express my sincere feelings for my car. Yes, you read it well, my car. I honestly feel for the poor thing, for what it has had to endure these past days.

Sunday Nuggets

Pastor Mrs Ekoko was the minister on the pulpit on Sunday and her teaching was titled “The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer” with text taken from John 14:15-28.

The speaker with a passion for Christ and a gift to teach to go with touched on so many aspects of the Holy Spirit. She stated that many believers wallow in poverty unaware of the power of the comforter – the Holy Spirit which resides in us. Many Christians, she continued, are living from day to day with no plans and no life unaware that they are not ordinary people but people powered by the Holy Spirit.

Below are extracts from her message:

  • Who is the Holy Spirit? He is the 3rd person of the Trinity through whom God acts in us, reveals to us and empowers us. God discloses his personal presence to us through the Holy Spirit.
  • Genesis 1:2, John 14:1-14, Zechariah 4:6, Matthew 3:13-17, 1st Corinthians 13:14. God spoke the word as the spirit of the Lord was working, and the word became flesh and dwell with us.
  • To succeed, you need the assistance of the Holy Spirit as you cannot do it by your power. Why weary yourself when you can call on the Holy Spirit? God Almighty does everything through the Holy Spirit. Even Jesus was introduced and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  • What does the Holy Spirit do? He is our COMFORTER (Exodus 14), TEACHER John 14:26), INSTRUCTOR (Acts 13:2), REVEALER (1ST Corinthians 2:10,11), INTERSSESOR and OVERSEER (Acts 20:28).
  • When we depend on the Holy Spirit fear gives way.

God bless you all.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. toyin ojomu says:

    i live in najia, and each time i read your blog i go like “oh you are going through that too” Then this song comes to mind all shall be well. thanks so much you always lift my spirit and anyone around when reading your blog and after. God bless you. But don’t quit maybe post twice a month.


  2. Gerard says:

    Jide this is not very nice you cannot leave us hanging, but to be honest I often thought wow, he is so consistent and must have extraordinary time management skills especially with work, family and the Naija wahala.

    Personally do what makes you feel happy, but you have inspired and influenced me in ways only my immediate family could. Whatever your decision I SAY THANK YOU.

    But the greediness in me says ok if you cannot update daily at least once a month or week..haba?

    To the people who questioned your motives you have twice as many who look forward and APPRECIATE your blog. Whatever your final decision. YOUR A LIVING LEGEND IN MY OPINION. 😦 IF ONLY A FEW MORE NIGERIANS HAD YOUR GENUINE LOVE BUT OBJECTIVITY AND HONESTY FOR OUR BELOVED NIGERIA, THE COUNTRY COULD BEGIN TO BLOSSOM!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Bony Joe says:

    I enjoy reading your post, keep posting like this informative article, I’ll be back to read your next posting :). Thanks


  4. Godsvictor says:

    I have often wondered why African people to say the least, start something and when it starts to show potential they kill it.

    Cna somebody educate me please


  5. Baba says:

    I used to wonder how you managed to keep up with daily blogging. I do not blog, however I love to write and I have a feeling that no matter how much ones loves writing, writing something meaningful daily is a chore.

    Perhaps instead of quitting entirely, you could just do a blog once in a while, may not twice a week like bumight suggested but three or four times a month. Then you may find it easy to have have an array of topics to ponder and write about.

    Regardless, you don try no be small. It’s very appreciated. I especially relate to the home support problems you and your family are having because my mom and dad are in the same situation. The problem is that they are not exactly young and just like the come and go situation your wife is enduring, my mom has had similar situation. Sometimes I feel rather helpless as she discusses over the phone each time a new girl arrives with all sorts of demand and then proceeds to leave in a matter of week.

    Anyway, God bless you and your family, Mr. Salu.


  6. bumight says:

    you cant call it quits o! i know its work bloggin everyday, but u can blog like twice a week? pleaaaaaaaaase!


  7. What more do you want to say, “I started the diary/blog with one goal in mind, and that was to tell or should I say feed back to Nigerians abroad and foreigners all over the world what Nigeria is all about and how blessed this country is, coming from someone who had been out of the country for almost two decades…”

    You wanted to give those who haven’t been hope for more than two decades that there’s still life in the land they have deserted for a while. I like the way you began by listing out your accomplishments in just eight more. No one has to get it but someone does get it. I only got to know about your blog but I have been inspired by what I have read so far…by your faith in God, your love and respect for your wife and your commitment to making sure your children grow up to be great than their Dad.

    Thank you for having the courage to sharing your wonderful world with us…your blog has saved one soul who will save souls that will then save souls and then you would have save the world through that one soul you save. 🙂 🙂


  8. Yeeeeeesssss!!!!!


  9. Could it be that I am the FIRST?


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