A candid Blackberry Chat with ‘Toks Toh Badd’

Hello guys, I believe you are all well.

My Blackberry (BB) has suddenly become very busy, busy to the point that the battery life no longer lasts the day before it expires.

Very unusual. It is getting very busy with Rockshock Entertainment!

By the way, have you checked out the temporary site at http://www.rockshockent.blogspot.com ? You need to. I said temporary because the main site, as I tap away is under development and will be launched sometime in March. I shall keep you informed. The Rockshock Entertainment brand is set to break barriers and with University students as the main niche, it is set to act as a platform for talents across the diverse sphere. I really do hope you will follow Rockshock’s progress.

Ok, back to the matter at hand…lol

My BB, with its now familiar tone announced the arrival of a friend’s BBM ( sorry guys, this stands for Blackberry Massenger). Over the past few days, I had been under the weather, in Nigeria, they are quick to diagnose any ailment as Malaria or typhod, it’s so absurd.

It was Toks, a JSD follower, who I can now claim as a friend (we are yet to meet though, does it really matter? Remember pen pals?) who had pinged (sorry guys, another BB lingo) me. Anyway, check out how this 40 minutes chat went. Let me have your thoughts guys. God bless and do have a fab day wherever you may be reading from.

RockShock Entertainment:

BB Messages:

Toks:Hey Jide

Toks:Been readin ur rockshock blog

Toks:Looks like all ur endeavours really comin together

RockShock Entertainment:That’s cool..what do U think?…its  a temporary site till March…But I get to get going…U knw what I mean!

RockShock Entertainment:….Bit bt bit “Toks toh badd”…

RockShock Entertainment:…I have  a group of passionate young guys whom am’ encouraging, however, its still hard work…

Toks:: Got me reading up about that and helped to re awaken the passion for 9ja

Toks:Yeh I woz a bit surprised it woz a blog rather than a proper site but it looked like u guys handle the Future Awards very professionally!

Toks:Well I’ve no doubt they’re very inspired by you n will use that to help get the job done

Toks:Hardwork’s like ur middle name rght! Mr Jide writing proposals n wat not till all hours of the nite whilst takin  a?_??? phone call frm ‘Egbon Momodu’

RockShock Entertainment:=))º°???°º?aHa?aº°???°º??=))…Well spotted,  The site is  a?_??? temporary one, as I tap on,  the main site is under “construction” so to say…o

Toks: It must be feeling very worthwhile still seein it coming together

RockShock Entertainment: Oh yes o…Bob Dee is an Egbon that should instill inspiration amongst  the younger generation, instead, it is  the same generation that dishes out  the most “aggro”…??I don’t know why!…could it be because of his Ovation success?

RockShock Entertainment:I should be voting for him come April so that ??I can boast about it in future…

Toks:To be honest until I read ur blog about him I woz on  the same page wit them

Toks:I mean I’m still undecided but I remember thinkin Ovation to be very crass wen it came out

RockShock Entertainment:… Yes, am’ glad ” the food is cooking”.. a- la – Rockshock, that is…

Toks:Esp hearin 9ja’s paid to hav their ill gotten fortunes displayed  in their

Toks:But readin about his previous accomplishments has made me look @ him in a newer light

RockShock Entertainment:…When you say crass, what exactly do U mean?…so that I may understand better when the exact words are used for Rockshock…

Toks: But jury’s still out on wat G??? Ovation has done for me

Toks: Okk one ting I always hated about Ovation woz wen u had a pic wit a num of ppl but only those who had paid had their names featured

RockShock Entertainment:… The same as what Hello or Fortune or News of  the World or better still The York Times…what have they done that sets them apart Ovation?…Oh, is it because they have  a fairer skin pigmentation?..Obviously not.

Toks: N the amount of nigerians here (many without papers) n culd barely afford rent yet payin Ovation to come n feature their baby showers so they can feel like the Abacha n Babagida n Obasanjo families woz quite nauseating for me

Toks: Oh dn’t get me wrng ? dn’t buy into hello

Toks: I guess for me the diff woz why 9ja’s had to pay to be featured

Toks: And obviously the choice of some of those nigerians that were featured

RockShock Entertainment: BIG no to your earlier assertion…I have accompanied friends on  a few occasions to parties covered by Ovation and I get featured.

Toks: Hey, these ‘leader’s hav stolen the nation’s money n @ dem usin it for their own enjoyment!

Toks: Jide re-read wat I said

Toks: I neva personally accompanied anyone to any ovation event
Toks: Heck no!

RockShock Entertainment:….An Ovation event?

Toks: Simply said I knew of ppl who had been featured

Toks: Any party where the person asked ovation to come n snap dem

RockShock Entertainment: ….Toks, pls re read …?I  stated, covered by Ovation..and Toks, are you now insinuating that becos am’ in  the world of showbiz, I should avoid certain people becos  the world says they are thieves?

Toks: I take and wrng or rght  that Ovation is simply another example of anyting the West does (G??? or bad) 9ja does even worse.

Toks: Oh Jide dis is not personal about u or Dele

Toks: I’m jst sayin in terms of ur statement about why some of the younger generations are givin him so much aggro these are the kind of thinking they hav

Toks: I mean yes its nice to have the lifestyle of the rich n famous (E news is not guilty pleasure)

RockShock Entertainment:: ….This is  the kind of heat Dele Momodu generates that prevents pple to see the  many excellent stuff he has done and still doing…I kinda sound like his campaign manager, don’t I ?…lol

Toks: But to “celebrate’ most of what is wrng wit 9ja is wat I hav issues wit

Toks: I already concluded u must be!

Toks: Lol

Toks: I guess wat I’m tryin to say (whch culd be useful to his campaign strategy) is dat wen I thnk of him as the guy that took Hello (a Crass mag) and came up wit Ovation (even more Crass) I thnk heck no I wuldn’t even consider voting for him as President of my country.

RockShock Entertainment:…And Toks, U need to see what this young generation is in to…it will scare U…rather most take  a seat behind   a laptop to “yab”..I don’t get it…at least, you have taken  a bold step to do somethig in 9jaaa, let those Nigerians leave us alone joor..

Toks: But wen I read about all he’s accomplished in his journalism career then I’m more inspired wit dat

Toks: And that’s the key ting Jide

RockShock Entertainment:still haven’t given your  definition of “crass”

Toks: Unlike those Nigerians I seek knowledge and educate myself about someone or something

RockShock Entertainment:…True…

Toks: Crass to me is the need to display ur wealth n the fact that u hav 50 bathrooms to the world wher majority of ppl dn’t even hav a bathroom!

RockShock Entertainment:…So U?_??? can see that  the man Dele is indeed an achiever..

Toks: Yes and that’s exactly my point

Toks: B4 readin about him  on ur blog I didn’t KNOW any of those achievements

RockShock Entertainment:…Toks, if that is your definition, then, I will say….hmmmnn, you have just defined   the meaning of “LIFE”…

Toks: And the reality is majority of the Nigerians he’s tryin to reach probably also dn’t knw

Toks: And even if they did Ovation overshadows it

RockShock Entertainment:….Well, as far as a?’ concerned,  ?  man has truly inspired JIDE SALU

Toks: Honestly for me I’m not able to vote this election but I’m still gettin informed about the diff aspirants

Toks: And I can say that’s great cos Jide Salu’s truly inspirin Toks Toh Badd

Toks: So he can’t be all bad!

Toks: :p

RockShock Entertainment:…No probs Toks, as usual, it has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you…

RockShock Entertainment:…L~?O~?O~?Ô=D:D=));)O~Ô?ÔO~?L~?

RockShock Entertainment:….We shall surely meet at   ?  top…

Toks: Yup likewise n in regards to the definition of crass definin life all I’ll say is jst cos the West does sumting doesn’t mean we hav to follow in their footsteps!

Toks: Better we ‘remodel’ their innovations with sumting more fitting for OUR culture n society

Toks: Oh yes! Rght @ the Very top!

RockShock Entertainment:….Copyright permission…this Chat is going to my blog right now…??I need your consent…

RockShock Entertainment:…U?_??? got  the last word in gurl…

Toks: Hmmnnnn

Toks: Do I need to seek legal adviceToks: :s

RockShock Entertainment:…L~?O~?O~?Ô=D:D=));)O~Ô?ÔO~?L~?

Toks: Only joking Jide! Permission granted (but for sake of any political aspirations I may develop in the future can I just add that the opinions are not fact!


RockShock Entertainment:…L~?O~?O~?Ô=D:D=));)O~Ô?ÔO~?L~? …??? got U?_??? …Have  a restful Sunday Toks and God bless…

Toks: I REALLY cannot wait to meet u more n more!£

RockShock Entertainment:.L~?O~?O~?Ô=D:D=));)O~Ô?ÔO~?L~? …same here.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gee says:

    Where is the link to Rockshock blog?


    1. babajidesalu says:

      Thank you for checking on JSD….God bless you.


  2. dam dam says:

    Totally with Toks on this one, think you just have to realise that ovation was not exactly directed ‘marketed’ to the young their target audience, i was equally intrugued about his other side that is the less well know career background before Ovation; OK/Hello/ (big t*ts jordan splashed on the front page-crass) vs Bleached out wife of Former Baron splashed on the front page.

    His achievement/story of helping younger journalist, charities/scholarship for young students if any etc etc should be projected more than just Ovation and the hope that he will still be pushing the cause after the election come what may-not just a flash in the pan politician…


  3. Toks Toh Badd says:

    I’m very proud to be “claimed as a friend” by the very inspiring JS! Whoo hoo! But although some of the ‘tone’ of the conversation seems out of place on here from BBM it was definitely a conversation that got me thinking more and more about where and how we get our Belief systems about people and things.

    I never even knew the name of the owner of Ovation until a few years back and even then I never paid attention to him. When I read here about his achievements and even how he started Ovation I was very impressed but I stand by what I was trying to convene which is that concepts and innovations from the West should be remodeled to suit the Nigeria culture whilst contributing to the advancement of our Country and society. Right now I’m just not convinced Ovation has done that DESPITE all its achievements.


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