Musician – Tuface Idibia dies following Jet-Ski crash in Turks and Caicos Islands reported a web site.

I can confidently confirm to you via his Manager (Efe) whom I contacted a few moments ago that he is very much alive. He further informed me that I should ignore the nasty rumours.

To keep updated with the latest news, visit Rockshock Entertainment……


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  1. Winni n says:

    2baba,everi body no dat u ar physicaly fit so no mind people.na dem get dere mouth and dat web sit is a mother fucker.2baba i luv u carri go


  2. mumy general says:

    na waooo! 4 wicked pple, any1 wey talk say 2face don die na him sef go die 1tyms 2tyms 3tyms 4tyms , God go punish am 100 million tyms


  3. Victor joel says:

    What do haters want with 2face’s lyf?


  4. tony e says:

    pls tuface don’t die cos i will like to featuer u TONY E 4RM CALABER.


  5. king teddy says:

    i wish death 2 who eva wants 2 baba dead, p2 na two dem b but 2face na one, diein 2 dance 2 ur muzik lyf on stage.KING TEDDY.


  6. Kendra says:

    Tuface is not dead! How can people be wishing Tuface death?


  7. Speedometer says:

    Wu de even carry this rumor say 2baba don peck?.. E be like say them no get work


  8. frantex ojong says:

    i want 2 know if 2face i die or alive coz d rolmuz in town is 2 much


  9. Ug Ochuba says:

    I knew Tu face was still alive…Rumours eh, mtchew


  10. ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥… I don’t want τ̅☺ believe tu bab is dead.bro this better not bξ true cos I can’t live τ̅☺ face it.buh if its a rumore they better stop it.


  11. Obed Godfirst says:

    Stop d rumour oooo


  12. Ferago Ujiri says:

    Is Tuface really dead?


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