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These were some of the utterances from the excruciating ordeal this girl must have gone through;

  • biko, biko…. (victim’s voice)
  • you don finish….
  • cool down…..
  • please now… (victim’s voice)
  • its not fair…. (victim’s voice)
  • kill me…., you people should just kill me… (victim’s voice)
  • commot (take off)  your hand….. (laughter from the gang)
  • you people should please nah…. (victim’s voice)
  • Are you enjoying it?…..
  • Jesus Christ, who do you think I am? I have my own car…..
  • I am doing my IT…..
  • No,no,no,no (victim’s voice at least 4 times)
  • Why you no go front……
  • Close your eyes….
  • Keep quiet…..
  • Who told you about me?
  • My hand, my hand……. (victim’s voice)
  • Do you know Zaki? (rapist’s voice)
  • Wisdom….
  • Fine girl like you….
  • I wan show you something….
  • I b law student….pure law… 4th year….
  • Uchenna…(a call out to fellow rapist)
  • You people should please nah…. (victim’s voice)
  • At least I have tried nah…..
  • Turn, turn, turn….(rapists to victim)
  • Una….una….
  • Please nah…… (victim’s voice)
  • Stay for ground….(Rapist to victim)

I must tell you that I had a headache after watching with my eyes closed, listening to the ordeal this poor girl went through for the 10 minutes 35 seconds YouTube clip.

The hunt for the five RAPISTS from Abia State University crowned in 2009 to be Africa’s most Humanitarian Friendly University In Africa has begun.

On a personal note, I will send a text to the Dr. Rueben Abati, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity whom I have access to as well as Dele Momodu, a fomer Presidential aspirant. This is the time to call on all your influential contacts to bring this matter to hearing of the President. Yes, it is that serious.

The Daily Times reported that “the gang-rape of a female student of the Abia State University, Uturu continues to generate reactions, but precious little action.”

Come on guys, this is the time to do your bit. To be honest with you, I am determined these animals in boys clothes must be caught, not flogged alone, but locked up for the rest of their lives.$ An over- reaction? You think? I have daughters, so I am ….yes…that angry. It could happen to ….damn it…anyone you are close to. And I will hate to hear anyone say the poor girl must have asked for it, or put herself in such a dire position to be gang raped.

I apologise in advance if this will offend anyone, but if you are a graduate of Abia State University, or an indigene of Abia State or have contacts to the Vice Chancellor or Governor Orji Kalu or anybody of the remotest influence, and you don’t do anything about it, then I am afraid, this should never leave your conscience for the rest of your life.

At least the first official reaction at the federal level has come from the Minister of Youth Development, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, who on Sunday described the rape as despicable and immoral.

A statement by the Minister’s spokesman for media, Julius Ogunro, said, “In the video, the young woman was threatened, rough handled, and sexually exploited by the men, who are said to be cultists.  To make matters worse, this despicable and wicked act was recorded and circulated by the alleged rapists, who blurred their own faces. This behavior has rightly caused outrage among young Nigerians, parents and all those who have seen the video recording.

“The Honourable Minister views the behaviour of the perpetrators as decadent and barbaric; and believes the attitude of these men, if indeed they are young Nigerians, does not represent the character and nature of the Nigerian Youth.

“Mallam Abdullahi therefore calls on the University authorities and relevant security agencies to step up action to ensure that the heartless and wicked perpetrators are arrested and prosecuted.  He has also promised to help rehabilitate the young victim if she would make herself available to the Ministry.

What has shocked me is the fact that some sites have reported that Abia State University have vehemently denied the boys are from Abia State University. I don’t really care, if the culprits are not brought to justice, I will for the rest of my life remember and associate gang rape to Abians AND ITS State University. Yes, it is that bad. As an Indigene, this is the time to do your bit. I rest my case and I am prepared to publish the faces of the ABIA STATE UNIVERSITY GANG OF 5.

So if you know any guy, current or former Abia State University bearing any of these names –  Uchenna , Wisdom, Zaki, Chisom, and Ifeanyi or Ugbaanyi, then automatically he should be a suspect. Also, do you know any ZAKI that owns a car? Any ZAKI that has any affiliation to the now INFAMOUS Abia State University? Please contact the nearest Police station or better still, any website that has reported this scandal. I am not left out, I am prepared to go all the way to bring these culprits to justice.

I rest my case.


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  1. barrister judith says:

    For this act of wickedness ND worthlessness I will tk dis case upon my self and find these guys. Some patrol team I sent confirmed from a source that Zaki is ‘yahoo guy’ who live off campus and a cult member. Bt am still on the case and need information on the girl were about. I made a promise to my self that I won’t let this matter be until they are brought to book. I need Nigerians support and help in this issue.


  2. Noblejoe88 says:

    its really sad to watch how the poor girl was humiliated…but the question still remains…why are people killing themselves over a matter that is as simple as ever to solve….if the girl wants to bring them to book she could have done that since…because remember in that video she was calling their names which clearly shows she knew some of them…even if they were only her 2go friends yet she can since give the name of the uni or the hostel where the rare incident took place…so i advice una to let sleeping dog lie cos everything rest on her shoulder.


    1. Olympia says:

      As anyone thought about making a Facebook petition, it would be easier to find them as Abia State University as a page with all the student likes on it! It’s a start!


  3. Denis nwankwor says:

    This is a rubish act and this gang or boys are not qaulify to be in this earth but any where the wages of sin is dead .


  4. Ro. says:

    Do we know if these boys were caught?


  5. Lucky says:

    I tink u are right i have watched dat video is a blue firm am telling u


  6. Baby girl says:

    Dis boys are too dangerous infact the are devils.the don’t ave consicen the are mad.


    1. Denis nwankwor says:

      Not only mad dis on pas mad but God will hear d cry of dat gal


  7. Brendon says:

    it was a shame to poor girl i hope they find them and cut their private parts in one of the biggest stadium and all the media must be avalable.


  8. Daniel says:

    The Abia state govt has said everything about the rape thing is all fake. They even claim it was a blue film.
    As a security personnel, i know with the so called evidence on ground, if the rape issue was for real, the pepetrators would have been brought to book, except if it is been covered up by strong politicians.
    Let’s remove the sentimental aspect and approach it the way it is. People said there was a video which i havent even seen except the audio, but lets assume the police have a copy of the video clips. Its easy, all they need to do is to trace the girl and the girl will show you the boys.
    I know for sure the cops must have done this and it yielded no result hence that comment from the govt.
    I’ve tried to put things together and also concluded that this rape thing might be fake afterall.


  9. Apollos S. I says:

    Oh….! Were are we thinking to send enternity after here on earth? Why doing tins & 4gotten we shal all return 1day


  10. Uche says:

    I am reading this for the first time, though this ugly action by this abia state idigens has took a long time but i wish the apropriate utorities should take a wise diciesion by reviewing this case to bring this foolish boys to book, though i am from the southeast nigeria i have watch closely and found that the people of ngwa and some other parts of abia state are very wicked people, am sure this boys must be abia state indigenes, i wish the elders of abia state to rise up to this chaleng to protect the image of the state as it is called gods own state. This is uche from ibadan 08136811052


  11. consernedmother says:

    I pray this case would not end up being swept under the carpet,i also pray this victim is alive.As for those boys,the curses Nigerians have heaped on them,will surely follow them.It is better for them to kill themselves than live.


  12. DYKPaGE says:

    May God just have mercy on us in this country.


  13. KOOL says:

    To my best of knowledge and findings, the ABSU rape saga is FALSE.
    How can that story be true and nobody in ABSU knows the victim and the actors. Police has pledged the sum of N500,000 for any usefull info on the matter, yet, nobody is coming up with the right picture.
    I school in ABSU, 4th year Legal student. The girl is not in my class.
    Story had it that it happend in Fed Poly Nekede.
    Police/Sas arrested cultist in ESUTH because of same rape case.
    Who is fooling who here?
    Is this a way to speak evil of our government, security and School?
    Is high time Nigerians use their brain.


  14. very very bad


  15. Hi Jide Salu. I share your sentiments and those of many others who have commented on this here, on radio and elsewhere. But I see a few challenges here:

    1. Chances of getting the culprits are quite slim since we only have first names and certain references to status (e.g. law student, owns car etc).

    2. Abia state university reportedly denies it happened on their premises. This creates a credibility issue for the young lady who the video title suggests is a student there. In this regard, those who have seen the unedited images might be in the best position to establish whether or not she is indeed a student of that institution.

    So I ask.. But WHAT IF another angle exists to this story?

    You see Jide, after giving it a lot of thought since hearing about this yesterday, and in light ot the realities of points 1 and 2 above, an experience I had back in February 2011 came to my mind, and got me thing along an entirely different line:

    Early February, around 11.30pm, my car developed a fault along Ogudu Ori Oke, near Oshogbo street (where Med-In Hospital, which happen to be a client company, is located). Unable to find competent mechanic help, I resigned myself to idea of sleeping in my parked car, since it was a Friday, and the next morning would be enviromental sanitation day.

    I got myself something to eat and then settled back in the driver’s seat, in the car which I had gotten help to push and park close to the Oshogbo street security men’s post. At about 1.00a.m I woke up when the bright lights from a car’s headlamps lingered on my car (from behind) continuously, with no sign of moving off.

    I sat up and noticed the security guard motioning for me to leave the car and join them in Oshogbo street behind the heavy security gate. I quickly locked the doors and did as he told me. We peeped back on to the road and saw the car parked behind me, headlights still on, with a man in the driver’s seat, and a young girl in the passenger’s seat. They were cuddling.

    The security guard told me he found it odd that the guy had chosen to keep his lights on, and that his experience in that area with frequent armed robberies taking place, made him suspect the man was doing that to signal some partners of his, who were probably lurking elsewhere.

    Not knowing what to say I simply nodded. But I wondered aloud about how risky it was for the girl who looked like she was in her early 20s, to be out in a place like that after midnight with a man. He told me it was likely she was doing it for money.

    Our conversation was interrupted by sudden gun shots from the other end of the road. We peeped and saw another car drop off 2 guys carrying guns a few feet from the parked lover’s car, and drive off. The 2 men strode casually forward and began speaking with the man from the driver’s side. They spoke in low tones, with the gun men bending periodically to look at the girl.

    At a point, for no apparent reason, she got down, (no shoes on), and walked round to meet the men on the other side of the car, and began appealing to them – we could not hear much of what she said, but snatches of “please” came through.

    Almost as if on cue, the man in the car started it and drove off, leaving her behind! She looked round bewildered, and before she could say anything, the men grabbed her and began pulling her towards their car. She pleaded repeatedly, but they would not listen.

    As they dragged her, they touched her all over, and she screamed. At a point I could not take it anymore, the guard tried to stop me, but I pushed him away, stepped out and shouted that I would call the police if they did not let her go.

    By this time, it was well after 2am. One of them simply laughed, turned to me briefly and shouted back, “Call them, we are waiting!”

    The guard dragged me back inside. Then I asked him if I could borrow his phone (I’d left my 2 phones in the car in my rush to get out). He obliged me. I dialled the police RRS number often announced on radio, and it was picked up by someone, who proceeded to ask me questions suspiciously similar to those we hear used on 911 emergency calls in foreign movies.

    I impressed upon him the need for them to hurry down, so the poor girl could be saved from what was obviously going to be some bad form of sexual abuse. He said Ok and hung up. I joined in the peeping again and saw that the guys had stopped an oncoming car, ordered the occupants in harsh tones, and with guns threathening, to get out and run, if they wished to live. One then dragged the girl kicking and screaming into the back seat, while the other drove off at high speed.

    Soon, all was quiet. I sat and discussed what we had witnessed with the guard (an old man in his 60s by the way), and he told me robberies were common in the area, and that young girls like that often moved around at night in a bid to get picked up by men looking for fun. According to him, someimes they got into the hands of rough guys like those we had just seen, and got badly treated – some getting killed in the process.

    I could not disagree with him on this – 7 years of working with a large multinational in Benin city, and travelling frequently (sometimes overnight) to/fro Lagos, had shown me how many young Nigerian girls/women risk their lives and well being, in order to make quick money from men by selling their bodies.

    By the way the RSS would eventually turn up, screeching tyres and all, at about 4.00a.m. By then we were too deflated to do more than give them monosyllablic responses to their routine questions…for obvious reasons!

    So, what is the point of all this, you might ask, Jide?

    Well, I’m just wondering – could it be that this girl who got gang raped had been picked up by one of those 5 guys, for some paid fun, without knowing that the guy planned to bring in his friends to join in the fun?

    Is this a possibility?

    If no one is able to verify her studentship of Abia state university (considering that her face is recognisable in the original video), then this ALTERNATIVE angle to the story could be plausible.

    And if she does not herself come forward (difficult as it would be, it appears to be her best chance of getting any justice), with the names and other details about the 5 rapists, that would be ANOTHER pointer to suggest this ALTERNATIVE angle to the story could be correct.

    Having said that, no angle to the story could justify rape. Even rape of a prostitute is a crime!

    I’m just trying to say that it could be that the girl herself walked into a trap as a result of working as a “lady of the night”, and NOT that she was kidnapped or abducted while dutifully studying in school. Going by the crazily immoral stuff happening in this society today, it is possible.

    But having said that, it’s still VERY sad that this could happen to a human being. I have 2 daughters, and can’t even bear to imagine this happening to them,

    No matter how far a woman or girl may stray morally, raping them can NEVER be justifiable!

    I feel outraged, and also support calls for government to dedicate good resources to bring the rapists to justice.

    Thanks a lot Jide, for creating this opening for others to add their voices to the call for justice. Please keep up the good work.


    1. nija says:

      It’s so sad that u could even think a thing as that,wether the girl left with one or not is not
      the issue.Did u here her plea,did u hear her give up on life?What they did to her is dehumanising,i hope they get them.I hope Nigeria will not sweep under the carpet in a few days


      1. Thank you “Nija”.

        If you took note, I not only used my REAL name in my post, I also added my website address. It does not matter how sad you find the comment I made. What is important is the need to accept that the perspective I have brought up is a possibility.

        By the way, I could be wrong, but “ehis joy”‘s post appears to suggest she also thinks we should “dig deeper” before making up our minds about what really happened. Her comments:

        “please before you start anything have you interrogated the girl in question, how she got there, who she went out with, the last phone call she received, her friends and others,,,,, i need to hear from her before you all jump to conclusion, because if you listen to the audio posted,,,,,, i heard her voice when she said uchenna am i not crying please now,,, bull shit,,,,,,,, let her make a statement ,,, debrief her, work like smart agents. i rest my case”

        I am not into the business of trying to do things to look good. I believe in solving problems by identifying and tackling them from their root causes. The nature of my work makes me work long hours (18 to 20 hours) and quite often I leave client premises as late as 11pm to 3 a.m.

        This gives me a unique opportunity to move around (sometimes on foot) here in Lagos, and I have gotten to see things that are even SADDER than the realities I have pointed out in my first comment.

        More and more of our women today – the ones you see in the daytime, looking serious and respectable – become transformed into totally different human beings when night falls. And I have witnessed a girl claiming to be a University undergraduate getting beaten up (for daring to request payment) by a young man who picked her and a friend up and had fun with them in a residential estate here in Ikeja. Do you know that the other girl, her “friend” was OK with it, and left in the car with the guy, scolding the other girl for causing toruble?

        This is the life our young ladies live. Many of them today, have perfected the art of duplicity. Few of us (including those of us who are parents) can boast of being able to SEE through their antics in this regard. Ask any of the religious leaders whose daughter got pregnant…

        If you were patient enough to read what I wrote in my first comment, you would probably NOT have posted your comment – assuming you are for REAL that is.

        Here’s a relevant excerpt from my first comment:

        “But having said that, it’s still VERY sad that this could happen to a human being. I have 2 daughters, and can’t even bear to imagine this happening to them,”

        However, the alternative angle I presented for consideration by every outraged person on this issue, was meant to caution us about accepting on face value the information supplied in the video. Sometimes people who commit crimes like this can be devious.

        Also, I feel my comments can be used as a wake up call – WE ALL HAVE WORK to do, to correct the moral decay in our society – our women are going off the edge…mini-skirts, and crazy cleavages in religious worship centres etc

        Indeed, I have decided to convert my opinion on this matter in general into a PDF report that will soon be made downloadable from my website – without reference to ANY specific individuals or events. I will simply be expressing my opinion on the subject of moral decay, and the Nigerian woman …something like that anyway.

        This will be my LAST post on this subject.

        If you wish to vilify me, for asking Nigerians to do some THINKING to ensure they are not misled to wrong conclusions, then go ahead. My reputation speaks for me.

        For me, I’d rather we FOCUS on adding the the VOICES calling for decisive action by government to bring the rapists to book.

        I wish you well.


  16. ehis joy says:

    please before you start anything have you interrogated the girl in question, how she got there, who she went out with, the last phone call she received, her friends and others,,,,, i need to hear from her before you all jump to conclusion, because if you listen to the audio posted,,,,,, i heard her voice when she said uchenna am i not crying please now,,, bull shit,,,,,,,, let her make a statement ,,, debrief her, work like smart agents. i rest my case


  17. sid morocco says:

    Its been happening alot for more than ten years now.I remember a similar event in my days in university but because this was recorded everyone is shouting.There is no security in Nigeria and rape victims are not well protected so when such a thing happens the victim tries to hide it because of the stigma


  18. Oko says:

    I am too shocked to comment on this. That this took place in a place in my Alma mata makes it even more bizzare.


    1. Oko says:

      Sorry for the errors


  19. Tboy says:

    What is happening among our youth ?gradually the the animal kingdom will be better off than this bastards who think they will have a better future.i tell you those who did this will see problems that has never been seen before by anyone.they will suffer till the end of time, unless they come out and confess .To you girls in that school i wonder what you guys are still doing in that environment.i served in Okigwe and lived in okigwe for a year and a half i saw live ,how cults operate in that they axed a one young man head at okigwe absu road .wards in that school needs the Joint task force in the nigerdelta to shoot at sight any cultist.
    I rest my case.


  20. Raita says:

    Thank you molly, and jide. This is no rumor, there is undeniable evidence that a crime has been committed, The nigerian public, police and presidency have a enough clues to help us find these criminals. Someone out there must know the criminals or the victim. Are these amaeture crooks more intellegent than the SSS or the Nigerian Police. If they cant find terrorist, they can at least find 5 boys who made a video of thier crime.


  21. rashida lamidi says:

    the boys should not even be tried at court they should kill them immeditely becuase they are in human possessed by evil spirits,i pray they are caught soon amen


  22. Henry Sunday says:

    but this girl is not dead, can’t she assist the authorities in fishing them out. At least it appears she knows one or two of them.


  23. kk says:

    @ wilson uti. l am suprised by your reaction. Why the tribal card, If you as a man has a daughter then you would understand how everyone feels about this whole saga. Those boys must be caught it is not an ibo, yoruba, or hausa thing . We are all Nigerians.


  24. Gerard Onochie says:

    Jide I must say this is the first time in almost 3 years of reading your blog that I have seen you really vent your anger and what one can only describe as the moral decay in some so called Nigerian university students and youths have descended to.

    I did not got to secondary school or university in Nigeria but I have always had this cynical feeling this disgusting act is common place and I think the more publicity this sad event and other similar events past of present get the better. I also think whilst it is esier said than done and ue to our fake conservative and stigma oriented culture more women need to come out report these cases. Yes many probably have and nothing was done but they need encouragment and not treated as pariahs.

    As far as the tribal twist or insinuation from Wilson Uti, that is FALSE. I have never met Jide Salu I have spoken to him on the phone several times and chatted on BB messenger. What I like most about his blog is that he SAYS IT AS IT IS and I have NEVER sensed any TRIBALISM or VINDICTIVE tone.

    A dispicable act has been committed and Jide Salu is seeking justice that should be commended as all too often MOST Nigerians prefer to keep quiet and pretend all is well and then wonder why our moral fabric is in tatters. We are a diverse nation and there is nothing wrong in upholding or aligning with your roots but one must not be CLOUDED by sentiments. I am 100% sure if this had happened in one of the other 5 Geo-Political regions Jide Salu would have been just as disgusted and written the same blog.

    We should not lose sight of the grave injustice and pyschological scars that this young lady will have to endure for the rest of her life. Keep up the good work Jide.


  25. Seyi A says:

    For the life of me to even start trying to comprehend this heinous and most despicable act is too much. I haven’t seen the video yet but I get the picture. Our laws on rape in Nigeria are weak and archaic. It needs to be amended to reflect the times. These beasts should be made an example of.


  26. chidi ugonna njoku says:

    if Nigerian Government can not sort these criminals out..Disgrace to man hood..out then we are in for it ..are these the future of Nigeria..?


  27. Goodluck says:

    Where is the girl I mean the victim of this bastardious act. I hope she is alive


  28. Zoe says:

    they(rapists) will never go unpunished, what they do to her, another person will do it to their children. that is for sure.


  29. Omo Ijoba says:

    this is so unfortunate! however, with the technology available today, i believe that composite mugshots can be rendered from the video that will assist security operatives to track down these Bas***d’s!

    anyone with a true clip can always submit it to the authorities or if he or she wishes to remain anonymous can always post to twitvid.


  30. joyous says:

    Rape is applicable to killing,infact it is a great disgrace 2 d victim.i pray dat d 5 boys will b caught and face there due punishment.


  31. Toksyk says:

    Jide this ha to be one of the most disturbing news story I have heard in a long time and you are so right it is high time we as Nigerians move beyond just expressing shock and outrage! I have already made personal calls to prominent people that I know and will not stop at that. I have spoken with Project Alert and have offered my services to help with the counselling that this young girl will require once she is identified because right now she is a suicide waiting to happen! God this is just too disgusting to even comprehend! Those boys are MONSTERS plain and simple and even if they never receive any justice because it is a concept that is lost in this society they will surely reap what they sow even if it is not in their own lifetime!


  32. wilson uti says:

    Rape is an unforgivable act and i dont support anyone who is does it. Having said that, I want to point out that Nigerians always want to tribalise issues and report them with an ethnic bias, this fact is blatantly displayed in this moronic write-up. 5 young men, in charge of their own destines are now the image of the entire people of Abia State (that is what this fool and others that crawled out from the same hole like him wants u to believe).

    I grew up in the west, Rape and cultism actually in higher institutions actually started there and is still happening every day but the westerners are very good at pointing out the evil in others, (that has always been their stock in trade) I would advise them to give similar attention to the atrocities committed there, it is on record that it is only in the west where male youths in a community rose up one day and invaded a higher institution in their community and raped any girl they could find, (this matter was swept under the carpet)

    May those 5 young men get the punishment they deserve and may efforts of this writer and other animals like him to extend the punishment to the entire state never come to fruition.

    Thank you.


    1. Molly says:

      Wilson Uti… this issue is bigger than east or west right now, don’t take it personally. Great people come from both east and west. However in my experience, it has been more common in the eastern universities and my opnion is it’s because of the high level of fraternity cults there, I spent as much time in both parts of Nigeria, probably more in the eastern regions.

      Right now, its not about east or west, we want this thing tackled and stamped out – east or west, the issue at hand happened in the east, let justice begin there.

      I can’t speak for Jide though I think perhaps his reaction was to annoy Abians into action and show the rest of the world the great stuff that really make up the Abian people, that they will not stand for such an atrocity to go unpunished


      1. babajidesalu says:

        @ Wilson Uti
        I had to publish your views because I respect them. I had to re-read my post to figure how on earth ethnicity came into this matter? But then again, you have your views to express and I thank you for them. I was very sure someone would reply on my behalf and I am glad Molly has done that. It’s not about where you come from. It not about me, hence my refusal to initially reply you. And by the way, some of my closest friends are Ibo (from the Eastern part of Nigeria), and me, moronic?

        Spot on Molly. This issue is bigger than East or West right now. Also, I must tell you right now that YOU ARE EVEN MORE SPOT ON with regards getting a REACTION from the ABIANS whom I have and will never have anything personally against. God bless you.


    2. Raita says:

      u seem unduly riled by tribal sentiments. idont care were the rape happened or which tribes these guys come from, I want them behinde bars, paying for the crime they commited, I would feel a lot safer and it would send a clear message to others of thier kind, that the nigerian people and society does not condone rape.

      I agree with the writer, If thiese criminals are not caught, when you reminder ABSU, one will always reminder this rape incident. I certainly doent want my daughter going there if they are still running free to commit more rape crimes. Just like no one wants to go to Jos beacuse of the insecurity of lifes and property, ask any corper. No one wants to go to maiduguri, niger state etc, they have all become synomous with the negative activities prevalent there. BOTTOM LINE FISH OUT THE CRIMINALS, WE DONT CARE WHERE THE CRIME WAS COMMITTED!!!!!!! DONT LOOSE FOCUS


  33. kk says:

    Well done jide. l hope something is done about this. Anyone l know will never go to abia state university.


  34. meno says:

    Nigerian men are animals fathered by rapists and child molesters


  35. Dr. Julius says:

    Those bastards involved in the gang rapped should be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for life. There is no place for sexual crime in our society.


  36. Molly says:

    Good job Jide!

    I was so outraged by the whole thing, I have been on the Abia State Govt website and reported the issue with links to blogs where their names have been identified, been on facebook pages of public figures in govt to bring the issue to light but sadly my comments were deleted *go figure*

    It was even more painful seeing her face in a pic on someone’s blog, u could tell how young she was and the issue of rape in Eastern Unversities is common because of the boys who engage in cult practises there, (I know because I lived it and lived through a similar ordeal as this girl. Not saying it doesn’t happen elsewhere but the is more common there because the cult is used as a threat, often some nights on campus, woe betide you to be out after 10pm, we could never go to the classroom at night to study) we need to bring an awareness to it and end it.

    Dele Momodu – I hope will do something, I saw a comment under his name on a bellanaija and really hope for more than comments at this stage…


    1. Raita says:

      Thank you molly and Jide S.

      This is not a rumour, there is clear evidence that a crime has been committed and the nigerian public, police and presidency have enough clues to help unravel who these criminals are. Someone out there must know either the criminals or the victim.

      If they cant capture terrorist, the SSS or the Nigerian Police must have enough intelligence to at least bring to book, 5 males who have the audacity to make a video of thier crime.

      Please those in possession of the original video should make still photographs of thier faces and air them on tv, internet and print media.


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