SCARFF: Thinking about your Goals

“Why should I waste my time thinking about what to do, when I can go and do it?” Does that sound familiar to you? We have all said this to ourselves at one point or the other, to justify how busy we are.

This may suggest that goals are not that important, and then I began to think: “Can a person be found guilty of murder if premeditation is not proven? Can action be taken without forethought?” It then occurred to me that all our efforts require thought.

The first thing we must learn about success is that it is achieved through thought; by my thoughts I know what to do. On the other hand, my actions can also teach me what not to do.

It is no surprise that senior management positions are occupied by people who are able to make decisions regarding what needs to be done. After all, doing the right things are different from doing things the right way.
So, the purpose of this short piece is to make you go back to your “drawing board” bearing in mind that if success were a building, she may not be allowed to stand if there were no plans for it in the first place.

Spend more time thinking about what you do or else, what you do will always be what someone else tells you.

Tip from the ICEberg: “The only certainty in life is change; go for it.

Idris Babatunde Alabi is the I.C.E. Man.


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