“2Face is a world class entertainer.”

D’Banj, M.I, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage and 2Face

Entertainment, or let me write the show business industry has always fascinated me. I have managed artistes in the past and also recorded some. I have attended producer courses in England and also organised shows. I have recorded with some of Nigerian greatest actors such as  the late Elsie Clara, Dejumo Lewis, Jab Adu and the late John Chukwu amongst others. I have also been directed by Nigeria’s legendary film director Eddie Ugboma.

I also had my own television programme in the UK focusing on empowering and inspiring Afro-Caribbean viewers. I had the privilege to interview Pastor E .A .Adeboye as well as talented author Chimamanda Adichie amongst others.

Then, I founded the popular ROCKSHOCK magazine in the then University of Ife, now renamed Obafemi University. It was a blast.

I am far from finished as I have been working behind the scenes looking for the best way to continue in the industry and contribute my own quota. I am currently working closely with a talented Music label who have a bunch of extra ordinary artistes in its stable.

I dream big for this industry. Its an industry that can help change the NEGATIVE IMAGE of Nigeria.


2Face or TuFace or Tubaba, a very humble multi talented singer whom I have had contact with several times in the past and whom I plan to work with in the future have helped exposed to the world a hidden natural gift, NOT OIL, but MUSIC. That guy is not only humble but a giver. He is a pride of Nigeria and I consider 2Face a world class entertainer.

Click to VIEW 

2Face Perform Live @ the New World Nigeria 2012 at G-Live Centre in Surrey, UK.

D’Banj is another guy. You need to see how the night clubs across Europe are jam packed when the DJ mixes to his super hit track ‘Oliver Twist’. This singular track has helped publicise Nigeria in a positive light.

Lastly, another artiste that has not yet earned the respect his talent deserves is someone whom I consider the best RAPPER in Nigeria. His name is VECTOR. This guy I have had dealings a few times, and I am sett to have many more.

Supper rapper VECTOR

There are many more artistes  that are desperately searching for their break, one of such is a young guy called F.B.I. Watch out for this talent.

I love to write as you can probably guess, right. Hence, I have once again resurrected ROCKSHOCK – the blog. I had to, I couldn’t resist it. I have certainly learnt an expensive mistake from my last attempt.

CLICK to listen to Vector’s ‘WASTED’ latest track.

Here is introducing you to Rockshock – Jsalu’s blog.

Enjoy and let us support Nigerian talents.

If you know of any talented artiste that badly needs exposure, Rockshock is the place to come. Why not send me your video or mp3 plus your bio to jsalublog@gmail.com.

Finally, I have kept the best for last. I am in a good mood to give.

For only 3o DAYS only, I am giving away FREE AD SPACE.

Yes, you want to get your business known to the rest of the world, ROCKSHOCK  will help you to get it out in exchange for (there is always a catch, isn’t there…..lol) …..absolutely nothing.

So spread the word.

I need new materials, Videos, mp3, etc I also want to share your entertainment news and events. Send me photographs of events as well. It should all be fun.

CLICK ROCKSHOCK to read the latest happenings in the world of showbiz and KINDLY LIKE my FACEBOOK PAGE (there, you get inspirational nuggets)


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