Prince Harry not so Naked Photos….

Prince Harry has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. To be honest with you, I like this guy. He is real. He is fun to be with, judging by photos we see of him and thank god for Princess Diana, whom I had the honour to have seen several times. Her mother, many may have forgotten gave her sons Prince William and Prince Harry the fundamental gift of been able to mix with the ‘commoners’. While I do not in anyway condone the hotel game which has left him exposed, I believe he will learn from this lapse and grow in strength. I certainly wouldn’t focus on his wrongs but his many rights which include a lot of charity work.

Below are past photographs of young Prince Harry with his Mum, the late Princess Diana as well as other not so naked photographs  .

There are over 20 more photographs over at my Entertainment blog.

Cheeky Prince Harry….always has been.
Baby Prince Harry with brother prince William and Mum, princess Diana
Pensive Prince Harry
Admiring Prince Harry
Sporty Prince Harry
Prince Harry enjoys a drink
Prince Harry talks to people from the HALO Trust, an organisation that clears that landmines, in Mozambique (Picture: HALO/PA)

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    Prince Harry no send!!!! I like him as well, so too his brother. I think many people delude themselves into thinking being a royal is an “easy life” or having fame and wealth makes you immune from normal ups and downs life throws at you irrespective of self created or not.


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