Paralympics Video:Jonny Peacock beats Oscar Pistorius in T44 100m final – a must watch

Updated:It’s Jonnie cash: Sprint star Jonnie Peacock set to earn £10m over next four years

Marketing guru Max Clifford predicted the teenager would be a multi-millionaire in time for the next Games in Rio

Cash Jonnie

Oscar Pistorius versus Jonny Peacock


It was a moment that I will never forget in a hurry. It was billed as the final everyone had waited for. Judging by the 80,000 capacity crowd, it sure was the Final they had come to see.

Jonny Peacock

The man that had single handedly brought attention to talented athletes running on blades. Hence, Oscar Pistorius was dubbed  the Blade Runner –  he was a participant at tonight’s 100m final, so was the crowd’s favourite, Great Britain’s Jonny Peacock.

There had been controversies earlier in the week involving the single amputee that had one blade and double amputees with double blades to run. Was there a tiny bit of advantage by the double blade runner over the single?  The single amputee is adjudged to have the advantage of a better start over the slow starting, quick finishing double amputee who had the use of double blades (similar to Pistorius’s) or was it the other way round?

The controversy had taken place earlier was not to diminish the tension and excitement the night was to produce.

Peacock with his hero, Oscar

Yes, Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake provided the world with the excitement of the Olympic 100m final, however, tonight, it was….different with the T44 100m combatants. There was tension, there were showbiz antics, there was anticipation, the stadium was packed. This final had never experienced so much press attention as ever seen before. Everyone was interested. Everyone has been captivated by these extremely talented athletes.

Jonny Peacock was obviously the crowd’s favourite with chants of ‘Peacock, Peacock, Peacock’ serenading the athletes. Tonight, whose feathers will spring open first pass the finishing line…..

Enough of me….watch and be inspired…..I was.


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