Nigeria’s House of Representatives members want pay increase of $43,994 to $ 169,693 salary.

Aminu Tambuwal led assembly

~ Nigeria’s members of the House of Representatives want pay increase of $43,994 to $ 169,693 salary

Members of the House of Representatives on Wednesday launched an agitation for a N7m increase in their quarterly allowances, barely 24 hours after resuming from a two-month recess. Each member of the House currently enjoys N27m per quarter as allowances but the lawmakers want the sum jerked up to N35m, The PUNCH learnt.

Multi-millionaires in assembly

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gerard Onochie says:

    God is indeed really patient. However I don’t blame these crazy house of rep members I blame the masses who voted them in and support them. I suppose the old saying “people deserve the type of leaders they get due to their inaction”.


  2. oluyomi says:

    nawa o!


  3. seun olomodosi says:

    Armed Robbers!


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