Rick Ross accused of negative portrayer of Nigeria in Video ‘Hold Me Back’ – Really?….Watch Video

Nigeria’s version of ‘hold me back’

The “God Forgives, I Don’t” star has been accused by fans on twitter for portraying Nigeria in a bad light after releasing the video shot in the Nigerian slums on-line yesterday.

Rick Ross

The  Nigerian version of the mega hit ‘Hold me back’ video was shot during Rick Ross’s trip to Lagos for the Summer Jam Fest in August.

Its generated so much passionate comments. Read some and tell us which side of the fence you are.

“You must be a part of the ignorant rich individuals that are COMPLETELY out of touch with Nigeria wrote a commentator.

“Nigeria isn’t even this bad” IT-IS!

People like you prefer to hide the truth, tell me the last time you were on the streets of Lagos. Majority of people in Lagos live in horrible conditions,

If you ever decide to get your head out of the clouds you may someday realize that this video depicts the REAL Lagos, not all your fancy V.I. crap” was a response by ‘Oaabosedeable’

While ‘Arthur Daniel’ wrote if this is best u can help promote the rich and beautiful people of NIGERIA. PLEASE!!!! STOP! WHERE R THE BEAUTIFUL CITIES AND ATTRACTIONS IN NIGERIA?

‘2Rootssentng’ wrote “we r talkin about what d video shows it showed the true nigeria – what d ordinary citizen face d ghetto and I give rickky thumbs up for dat – him don see real igboro compared to yankee ghettosHope you also saw the real version on my wall also the one shot in american ghetto new orleans where blacks are populated. Before he came here and saw d hardest streets and decided to show us love n did our version of d video”

‘egwebecephas’ wrote “When people conceal the truth they will never move forward….this is the true state of Nigeria and even worse conditions in the Delta……All y’all Modafukerz bitching and hating abt this video are the ki nds we need to get rid of in Nigeria……BITCH!!!!”

“Rick Ross is just trying to paint a negative picture about Nigeria. We’re not monkeys over here,” wrote an angry fan on the social network.

While another wrote, “Damn!!! I also don’t like this Rick Ross video shot in Nigeria. Just too negative.”

A few fans came to the ‘Big Meech’ stars defence.

One wrote, “Why do Africans always complain when foreigners depict our countries? Rick Ross shoots a video in Nigeria and everyone’s up in arms.”

While another fan added “The Rick Ross ‘Hold Me Back’ video portrays the true picture of Nigeria. So far there has been lame comments on it.”

The video, which was originally shot in New Orleans the first time, shows the rapper dressed in his big chains and expensive watch visiting the Lagos slums mobbed by crowds while he raps.

‘Hold Me Back’ features news footage of events happening in the country alongside women filmed washing clothes and goats and wandering the streets of the Nigerian slums.

Taken from the Rick Ross’s  July released God Forgives, I don’t, ‘Hold Me Back’ is the most recent video released from the rapper.

Have a look at the video below to see if you understand Rick Ross’s message.


What do you think?

Could it be a case of the ‘TRUTH really DOES HURT’, huh?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. David Ako says:

    RICK ROSS is simply a maestro, the video is a master piece that portrays our ignorance as Nigerians. people should stop beefing this big headed rapper. he’s said it all. Nigeria reeks of poverty.


    1. babajidesalu says:

      I concur…..


  2. Gerard Onochie says:

    Not sure I understand why some people are up in arms about this video. The problem with MOST Nigerians is that there suffer from ACUTE DENIAL SYNDROME.

    Also there is nothing to boast about V.I, in my opinion it is an expensive slum and not what any normal person will describe as the business heartland of Nigeria wif you want to compare it to somewhere like Canary Wharf or the Mile Square in London. The fact is that 90% of Nigerians live in abject poverty but like to pretend they are better off.

    I immediately understood the message in the video. We have to start telling ourselves the truth, accept it and maybe our collective miserable plight might get “better”.

    Keep up the good work Jide. Loving your new direction.


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