Uniport Students Tortured to Death in Nigeria – Video and Graphic Photographs of …..a barbaric act that is very graphic


FOLLOWING the lynching of four students of the University of Port Harcourt, River State, the police have arrested Aluu community leader, Alhaji Hassan Walewa.

What is Nigeria turning to?

What has Nigeria turned to?

I don’t care what these men have done. I don’t care if they were students of UniPort or not. To be lynched like animals, like that, in a country that is purported to be the GIANT of Africa? It is not only shameful, but an over riding condemnation of Africa as a whole.

Its not that barbaric acts are solely restricted to the African continent, far from it. What scares the living day light out of me is that nothing will be done about this stone-age act of execution. This is where the difference lies. In the Western world, worst things do occur – like the current case of abduction and murder in UK of April, the five- year old girl. Now that is detestable. But guess what, the Police force has mobilised a great amount of resources to hunt down the killer.

The same can’t be said about the Nigerian Police Force, sadly. This case is news today, and tomorrow and for a few more weeks, and that will be it.

As Africans, generally speaking we get angry physically, whilst our brothers and sisters with the lighter pigmentation get angry through their minds. Whilst the Africans believe in instant justice, the Western world believe in human justice through laws that have been promulgated. Whilst Africans believe in mob justice, the west will fight to arraign the suspect to the court of law…..am’ I repeating myself here?….I am on purpose, to point out how far apart we are as homo-sapiens.  We are completely different. Now you understand why officials in power have all the security around them to protect them against jungle justice as a result of corruption.




The police on Sunday morning stormed Aluu in Ikwerre Local Government Area, where the students were beaten to death and set ablaze by a mob. Our correspondents report that both the beating and the burning were videotaped and the film clip has gone viral on the Internet.

Also arrested by security agents were members of Walewa’s family and some students of the institution, who lived off campus.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the community was deserted when security agents and soldiers stormed the area in search of those who killed the students on Friday.  The lynched students were identified as Lloyd, Tekena, Ugonna and Chidiaka. Those who lynched the students reportedly accused  them of stealing laptops and phones.


Speaking with our correspondent on Sunday, the immediate past President of UNIPORT’s Students’ Union, Mr. Rhino Owhorkire, expressed regrets that some students living within the community had also been arrested by the police.

Owhorkire explained that though the arrest of some members of the community was a welcome development, the arrest of “innocent” students living in the community was unnecessary.

He condemned the gruesome murder of the students, maintaining that the crowd should have handed them over to the police.

Owhorkire said, “We totally condemn the act that was perpetrated by the Omokiri Allu community. We ought to have gone beyond meting out jungle justice to anybody. They claimed the students were robbers, but nobody came out to say his property was stolen.

“We also heard that the students were cult members, who went to collect dues from other members. But the aggrieved colleagues decided to brand them thieves and this attracted some members of the community who killed them. We have been hearing a lot of rumours since the incident.”

He said that the UNIPORT SU had dissuaded students planning from embarking on a protest in Aluu community to shelve the idea in order to allow security agencies to carry out their investigation.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ben Ugwuegbulam, confirmed that some arrests were made in Aluu, adding that any person found not culpable would be released.

According to him, the police are making progress on their investigation based on the information at their disposal.

A source also said the video of how the students were killed was being investigated.

Babaric …….

Also, the Public Relations Officer of UNIPORT, Dr. William Wodi, told PUNCH Metro that the university had yet to ascertain if the deceased were students of the university or not.

Wodi said the institution would make its position on the matter known to the public on Monday (today).


Conflicting acounts

Meanwhile, there were conflicting accounts on Sunday on how the students met their deaths. While some insisted that they were robbers, others claimed they were members of a cult. Yet, their friends said they were innocent.  Most of these disclosures were made on the Internet, especially the social media, where the  deceased students’ friends and loved ones also gave vent to their sorrow.

On Nairaland, a popular  online discussion forum, some of the posters who claimed to be residents of the community where the incident took place insisted that the students were robbers. They claimed that the students were members of a cult group, that had terrorised the community for a long time.

These residents insisted that the students were found with laptops and phones in an uncompleted building, smoking Indian hemp. Villagers who sighted them reportedly informed the vigilance group in the area that some robbers had invaded the community.  According to these posters, the villagers, on getting the information, combed the area, found the students and lynched them.

But other contributors, who appeared to be students of UNIPORT, insisted that the students were not robbers but members of a secret cult.  One of the contributors wrote, “On that fateful day, they went to Aluu village to ‘‘ruffle’’ a particular person who happened to be a rival cult member.

“On getting there, they didn’t meet him at home. So, they decided to relax in a nearby bush.”

He added that it was the rival cult member that went to the vigilance group to allege that the students were armed robbers.

The anonymous contributor added, “Their rivals reported to the vigilante guys that the thieves terrorising the neighbourhood had been spotted.

“Knowing that  if they (the lynched students) were spared, they would retaliate, these rival members, posing as ordinary students, called for the heads of the boys and accused them of orchestrating several robberies in the area. They even arranged for some girls to claim they had been raped.”

Outrage on social media

There have been outrage on social media since the killings broke out  on Friday.  The majority of contributors on different fora insisted that the students shouldn’t have been lynched but handed over to the law enforcement agents.

Jennifer Okafor, a contributor on a blog, Information Nigeria, said, “God will judge those that did that to them. Why didn’t they take them to the police?  Ask those that killed those boys whether they have not stolen anything in their lives.  The sins of those boys will be on the heads of those that killed them.”

Francis Obiagwu, a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, also on the blog, wrote, “People should have just beaten them and let them go or got them arrested by the police, rather than killing them. The people that killed them should be punished for taking the law into their hands.”

On his part, Alfred O’keke wrote, “What in the world is going on in this country?  Have we lost our sense of humanity? That such a gruesome thing could happen to teenagers and there is no anger from the public. What is the difference between this and the killing of 42 students in Mubi in Adamawa State?  Jungle justice! Where are we headed in this place called Nigeria?

“Politicians are busy looting our common wealth and confining our generations to perpetual poverty and these are the ones we hail, idolise and make kings.”

Dejo Olowu said, “We see all these extreme outbursts of mob justice, jungle justice, anger and venom in Nigeria, yet, some of us will still argue this has nothing to do with government or with leadership. It is a trickle-down effect, a consequence of our collective psychosis.” {story courtesy of Punch}


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  1. jack says:

    All i have to say,country without know security sham to Nigeria government sham to Nigeria police ,country without human right even Nigeria government don’t know how many people died each day or how many people staying in that country ,just look how those boys lose there life for nothing ,am asking where his state police then ,sham who ever call there self lieder in that state ,sham to Nigeria lieder


  2. Lee says:

    Most men of the Nigerian Police are a big MESS to be cleaned up with true justice, yet the Judges are next to them, which way Nigeria? May God forgive us all.


  3. Atenipase shonde says:

    Wao this is too bad! Taking laws 2 our hands with jungle justice wil take us 2 no where but potray us as a wicked souls & lets remember we shall account for evry step we take one day which wil tell from our generation 2 generations. An end of this please!


  4. Destinii says:

    this whole story is barbaric. what sort of animals are being bred in nigeria? absolutely disgusting. the mothers & fathers of these poor men must be in pieces. i hope the people responsible for these murders are burned at the stake the evil bastards.


  5. Destinii says:

    this whole story is barbaric. what sort of animals are being bred in nigeria? absolutely disgusting. the mothers and fathers of these poor men must be in pieces. i hope the people responsible for these murders are burned at the stake the evil bastards.


  6. Valentine says:

    If Nigeria Government are functional,let the institution be dissolved and students wil be relocated to other schools so that no institution will exist in porthacourt, in addition to this no indigine from River state wil be admited into any institution in Nigeria. Again those that are involved in killing these children should be killed togather with there wife and children. Finally i pray………….. by the authority and power of the Holy spirit! Any person who supports the killing of these children will never see progress and peace in his or generation and there wil be No graduate! In their linage in Jesus name i pray Amen. May the soul of Ugonna and his murdered friends togather with all the faithful deperted 2rw the mercy of God rest in peace, may there soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name Amen….. 4rm Valen 07038077384. Student union.


    1. declan says:

      AGREED: those involved in this act should all be locked up for life. NOT AGREED, that their wife, children or families should be killed too. They did nothing. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
      Pls don’t too angry..lol. The real actors should face the music and definitely anyone that supports this evil act. God is not mocked. Whatever a anyone sows, that shall he reap. Boomerang! Law of Karma. What goes around comes around.


  7. ekene Godson says:

    Goodluck jonathan am sorry to say this.your tenor as the president of nigeria is the worst in nigeria history. 1where is the money relizer in fuel subsidy 2 no good road,health center,power supply,education,bribery and curroption in all govermental sectors,killing of innocent citizen everywhere,lutting our national treasure . Would say that you haven’t best of brutal killing of this students how many more will die before you do something. Do you know the agony and pain the mothers of those student are passing through. God will judge you if justice is not done shame on you. And cruse to all who partisepate in in killing of those guys . They will not know peace nor rest till the end of this world


  8. kash says:

    That village should be tottaly terminated they are killers and … Please where was uniport students when dis was taking place ….. They just for no reason killed those boys, where is the evidence or prove that they stole, the stolen materials was suppose. To be placed for Pple to see .. And even if they stole they wheren’t soppose to be killed like that, they would ‘ve called the police , and for the talk that they where cultist, how was it there business if they decided to join cult it’s non anybody’s business …. I weep for those inocent boys *sighs* O! Nija may God help Us


  9. Philbeth Ase says:

    This is really painful, since morning i saw this, i have not been myself. what is this world turning into? especially Nigerian. innocent boys oh my God. those killers will never go on punish by God even if they repent. God will never forgive them because before you take life, you must value and respect the giver of life. look at the way they were beaten and burnt alive, so painful. those killers will go to hell.


  10. Akan Diessolis says:

    The world is very cruel….To see people who thimk brutal and barbaric death is the only solution.God in his mercy would still forgive?May the peace of the lord be cosole the families of the dead…


  11. maryjane ikechukwu says:

    Hatred! That is what rules this country…. We lack love for one another, yet there are churches in every bloody corner. We are HYPOCRITES!!!!! We preach the word, we condemn people for not going to church every now and then, yet we still encourage such acts. ANIMALS don’t do this to THEMSELVES! They don’t !!! I am ashamed! I spit on this soil, I cannot call myself a Nigerian with pride any more, because you dirty men have raped her! You have striped her of her pride! I am not God, but they will all burn in hell


    1. declan says:

      I agree with u Maryjane; the hatred, lack of love, crime, the churches, hypocrisy, etc but pls be proud of who u are and where u came from. Nig is not a bad country. Leadership is the problem. I believe that something is gonna happen someday to remove these evil men in power; the barbarians in power; maybe a revolution. I am optimistic something’s gonna happen someday. They are responsible for Nig problems.. Pls don.t be ashamed of Nig;; don’t spit on the soil. This act was committed by just a few individuals out of the millions of Nigerians. There are millions of good people in Nig. I must tell u, there is worse happening all over the world.


      1. maryjane ikechukwu says:

        I am saying this because this is not the first time this has hapened neither is this the second, third or tenth time. What makes this one different is the fact that they had a footage and pictures of it, and unfortunately ( for the community members) one of the victims was the son of a politician. This happens all over Nigeria, it happens in my school ( FUTO ). I am not a pessimist, I am simply a realist, we PRETEND to be our brothers keeper, we PRETEND to have love for one another, its just on the surface, but within us, that’s where you will find the true DEVIL. Look @ what we are teaching our children, to them this is right, that is how they will grow. We have to mind what we teach our children for it will determine whether they will be “FUTURE LEADERS” or “FUTURE KILLERS”


        1. declan says:

          I totally agree with u; I just hope and pray that our children will be future leaders and not future killers. Hope the politician whose son was a victim will be able to pull strings and use his connection to expose all those evil people. The recording is God’s way of exposing this barbarity so the murderers to be apprehended. If not, the world would not have known. Those animals would have walked away free and await another victim. Like u said, lots have been happening that the no one knows of and can do nothing about. I pray that technology will spread everywhere; especially the rural areas where some of these acts are committed; to help expose some of these societal evils.


  12. Rhoda says:

    oh these is pathetic what is nigeria turning to,oh oh my God


  13. Lucci says:

    I am frozen! Am stiff typing this.
    What cold murder! O God, may Your wrath fall upon the wicked that this country may be saved in Jesus name, Amen. Cleanse our land from the blood thirsty, from the topmost of the citizens to the lowest of them all, Amen!


  14. declan says:

    What a barbaric act. Man’s inhumanity to man. The worst of its kind. The perpetrators of this act should not go unpunished. Heartless beasts. While not exonerating the dead boys from the alleged act, nonetheless, it is most sinful and satanic to subject them to the kind of torture and excruciating death they do not deserve. I condemn this in its entirety and plead that this case should not just be handled as one of such cases as was the case in the past. The lives and future of these students cut short in their prime and sent to their early graves must not be in vain. These Aluu people are either animals or have been misled. Even if they escape punishment from the law, they will not escape everlasting punishment from God. No one, whatever the case is, has a right to take the life of another’s life; especially in an advanced society like Nigeria. Nigeria is not Iraq or Afghanistan; nor is Rivers State a Sharia State. What was the role of Alhaji Hassan Welewa, who happens to be their community leader? He must have engineered this. Come to think about it, how did an Alhaji become a community leader there? They cannot allow it in the North. Is he trying to introduce Sharia in the East. I pity the people of Aluu for allowing this. I hope the Nigerian government don’t sweep this under the carpet as is their characteristics? The world is watching.


    1. Nani Saho says:

      sharia is not this barbaric….sharia law says if you steal, your one hand that stole shall be cut off from the wrist, steal again then the other hand goes….


      1. declan says:

        I may somewhat agree with u abt Sharia. Its an Islamic law. I am glad it does not apply to me, my beliefs or where I come from. Any law that is against advancement, development and world peace is barbaric; any law that says ‘if one steals, his hand should be cut off’, is barbaric. If the Moslem world is ok with it, fine, but they should not impose it on others. If Sharia was given its way,they would have overtaken the world and killed everyone in it. That is how they spread. is that not barbaric? Look at the world happenings – bombings, al queda, taliban, boko haram, etc. This is a worldwide phenomena. May God save the world.


  15. margaret ben says:

    What is Nigerian turning into,the parents of those boys should not let the killers of their bouys go free,those boys are not thievies if they are they would have fing guys with,Aluu people are to wicked 4 talking the lifes of God product


  16. bensodwriter says:

    I have been very sick seeing these horrible things. Why won’t I be sick? The possibilities of children in the village seeing and hearing that human beings were summarily beaten to stupor and burnt alive! The probabilities of somebody just accused you and, before making attempt of defence, your head is gone! The certainty of no more justice anywhere, again, in a confederation! The assurance of getting more names, in addition to the existing ones, from international communities! The mandatory wrath of God in His righteous judgment, in the affairs of men! The clear exposure of wickedness of men that we unavoidably live with! There are so many reasons to be sick for this nation, after fifty two years of independence! Oh! I am soory! I have to get up and go, using my pills! Yeah! It is a very strong faith that is sustain us as people.


    1. geeros says:

      This is evil in its pure form to do this to a fellow man is beyond comprehension, no matter if any item has been stolen this torture and murder should not be tolerated in any society.

      The killers and those that stood by should be detained and all human rights taken away as they are not human they are barbaric animals and behave like cavemen.

      I hope any prey all those responsible are caught and i pray for those boys souls in heaven it makes me sick to the stomach.


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