4 Uniport Students killed: BBC interviews parents of ‘Aluu 4’

Lloyd parents

BBC radio has interviewed the parents of the Ugonna, Lloyd, Chidiaka and Tekena, all victims of mob killings by the Aluu community.

Click to listen to the interview. 


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  1. John Brown says:

    Honestly, i am a Nigerian who stay in Ghana . I was searching through Google to find out the latest footage s of the on-going 2012 gulder ultimate search season 9 and then i stumbled on this shucking news . I have had a friend who lost his young life to cult activities some years back.
    Now, watching those handsome guys being brutally forced to die in the video was horrible and heartbreaking no matter the offense they may have committed !!!!! I would have wished that they were taken to the police by the mob which i feel is the right thing to do in situations like that.
    The killers may think they,ll go scot-free but i bet you that if they don.t end up in police net or they will all be made to run away from that community if really those slain guys were cultists. In conclusion, the killers are not safe in that community or any where they may be for that matter, i can bet my money in this !!!!!!


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