Last night, I sat in amazement to watch this hatched job put out by Africa Independent Television (AIT), the media mouth piece of PDP. It was 5 minutes short of an hour long and it was a cut and paste job of General Buhari in the past. Any editor, I can confidently say can make anyone look bad. the Pope can be edited in a documentary to look like the Devil, so it was brilliant hatched job done. Whether it would have the effect they hope it would, to save Mr President. all shall be revealed.

the astonishing thing for me is the attack on the person of General Buhari. This is a retired general that had contested three times previously and lost. If PDP aren’t scared, they have failed as a party to disguise this fact. 

Honestly, is this really the REAL BUHARI of 2015? 

The release of the documentary couldn’t have been untimely. Now Nigerians would once again be distracted from discussing Soludo’s discourse to discuss this documentary. 

See what you make of it.

In spite of AIT’s propaganda documentary, viewers to cast their votes online. Below is the result of the online polls. 

AIT Presidential

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