VIDEO WARNING: Goodluck & Patience Jonathan Bid Goodbye to Aso Rock Staff (may upset some)…

Enjoy this spoof, a Video of Goodluck and Patience Jonathan bid goodbye to Aso Rock. Was it made in bad taste by Sahara Reporters? You could say yes. Was it to my taste? Definitely no. Was it well acted? No. Why did I post it? Just because I didn’t find it funny shouldn’t stop me from posting. Watch and see what you make of it.


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  1. olu says:

    Jide. Thank you for this. I enjoyed it. Although you said it was done in a bad taste. I wonder if I know what that means as this is merely a humour. Humour can be casted and acted anyhow. And you may show me a humour that has been perfectly acted. Those who hate humour are always humourless. And humourless people are always dangerous people!

    Do not bother about how you feel, just post the news for your readers to judge.

    Thank you


    1. Jide Salu says:

      LOL…..lost for words……lol


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