MUST READ: The NFF Has Done It Again. Sunday Oliseh Resigns. Is Keshi Vindicated?

Sunday Oliseh-jide-salu
Sunday Oliseh

Sunday Oliseh has announced his resignation as Super Eagles Coach.

The former Nigerian International announced his decision to end his increasingly controversial tenure on Twitter early this morning.

He attributed the decision to lack of support and contract violations by the Nigerian Football Federation.

The 41-year-old, who was appointed as the Super Eagles Head Coach in July 2015, has had a tough time leading the National team with a poor run of results recently. He had recently had to apologise to the NFF and Nigerians after posting a video in which he attacked his critics. Earlier in his tenure he had fallen out with former Super Eagles goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama, leading to the latter’s decision to quit the team. Oliseh noted that he was, however, grateful for the opportunity to lead the Super Eagles. (Punch)

The NFF is filled with professional politicians, in position for their selfish interests. It has become a national institution ridden with corruption on the grand scale of Fifa. Is Keshi vindicated? I will say yes. Anybody that knows Oliseh, will agree that he is his own man and a no-nonsense human being. He has been away from the shores of Nigeria for many years and has imbibed the attitude and mindset of successful football personalities. He was never ever going to stand for rubbish. For him to have resigned says a lot. Would any sensible independent coach who wants the success of Nigerian football be encouraged to work with the Nigerian Football Association? The answer is an overwhelming  no.

The problem has always had to do with money. Contract violations. Broken promises. Mistrust,  which summarises the attributes of a majority of government officers. I haven’t said all, because there are many sensible, but frustrated hard working Nigerians. However, those in majority, who have refused to go , who have refused to change the culture of impunity, who have refused to put the suffering Nigerian football fans first continue to tarnish the image of Nigerian institutions. If only they know what football means to an average Nigerian, they would know Sunday Oliseh’s resignation is bad news for Nigerian football. – Jide Salu


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