Ben Bruce (@benmurraybruce) to Youths|THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION ASKED IN DECADES.

 Once youths in Nigeria are able to get their priorities right, Nigeria, as a nation will accomplish great things. Right now, a majority of Nigerian youths on social media expose their ignorance to a level that makes the sane cringe. Its unbelievable. 

They should all come together to snatch powers from the corrupt professional politicians, instead, due to greed, and fahrenheit levels that can only astound the human mind, Nigerian youths appear not to grasp the power they have to change Nigeria. The REAL CHANGE must start with the ATTITUDE AND MINDSET OF NIGERIAN YOUTHS. Only when this occurs will they realise they have what it takes to claim greatness. I hope they read this and understand. SocialMedia ought to be taken advantage of. Make SENSIBILITIES TREND, not NONSENSICAL.

However you may view Nigerian politicians, there are still some decent ones….very few in number though. And one of such that have come out fighting from day one is Senator Ben Murray Bruce. He has asked one of the most important questions a public figure has asked Nigerian youths in decades.

Every Nigerian youth MUST digest this question and ask what they can do for Nigeria.

Attitude and Mindset of Nigerian youths must change to get the best brains and hands in positions of power. If this doesn’t take place, hoodlums, thieves, looters, etc will continue to present themselves as senators and co. This has to stop.

How can you expect a change in the fortune of Nigeria when SELFISH Nigerian youths are mindful of what they can get financially from politicians during elections totally ignoring credentials of whom they vote in.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce

This is why I consider Senator Ben Bruce’s question as the most important question ever asked of youths in generations.  

Will this trend? I doubt it! (Lucky Jide Salu)

Do APC/PDP fight over you as you fight over them?


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