Tinubu vs Kachikwu|Buhari Be Warned. Attack is a Plot to install Stooge to loot at NNPC.

Following comments by Sen. Bola Tinubu chiding the Minister of State for Petroleum, Mr. Ibe Kachikwu concerning over the lingering fuel crisis in the nation, a socio-political group, Northern youths under the auspices of Arewa Integrity Youth Forum have taken a swipe at the APC Chieftain, saying his comments is rather unfortunate.
The group while addressing newsmen in Abuja today, expressed their support for the ongoing reforms in the oil sector noting that the advent of Kachikwu has cleansed the oil sector of hawks which have over the years held the sector hostage.
Speaking on behalf of the group, the Coordinator, Mallam Ibrahim Abubakar, expressed dismay over the comments credited to Tinubu who had earlier in the beginning of the administration had advised Nigerians to be patient with the government as it is trying to undo damage caused by the previous administration.
According to him, Nigerians perfectly understand the current situation in the supply and distribution of fuel to reach everyone and this is the major reason why there have not been any form of protest or uprising as was done in the past.
He therefore, warned that any attempt to trigger Nigerians to embark on any mass action will be rejected by the Nigerian people without any further delay.
“we are today bewildered at the manner of double talk a revered leader in the calibre of Tinubu could engage himself, not minding his stand and position in the polity. Has he so soon forgotten that he advised Nigerians to be patient with this government because the previous administration had caused so much damage which had to be cleared ? What has changed soon?” He queried.
The group has further accused the All Progressives Congress (APC), leader of fronting for sinister interest whose intention is to continue in the mold of the dismantled cabal and continue the looting of the oil sector, at a time when his party is begging for funding to move the party forward.
It has also warned Tinubu to steer clear the petroleum sector as all his actions point to the fact that he intends to discredit the good works of Kachikwu in order to instigate his sack thereby making way for him to plant a stooge to continue in the looting regime as experienced in the previous years.
He said “Kachikwu has brought sanity into the oil sector, which is what is first needed to engineer development in any sector particularly that the present administration inherited a messy economy whose only cell is oil revenue.
Meanwhile the group has declared its support for the ongoing measures to sanitise the oil sector and called on Nigerians to bear with the hardship as according to them it is aimed at producing a solid institution.

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