SHOCKING VIDEO: Moment an IGNORANT Italian Mayor refuses to shake a black student.

I saw this video clip on  Adewale Ajadi Facebook page and I thought, wait a minute here, what’s going on here? In 2016? You mean some people are still that ignorant? And she is a mayor? Wow! What else can I say? How ignorant can she be? Not to be defeated, I had to post to continue to educate the ignorant people out there, who have remained racists due to lack of exposure. Honestly, its an attitude I can’t fathom. Why on earth should the colour of a human being affect the way I relate with the person? Why?  Goodluck to the Italian city that elected an ignorant lady to represent them. As soon as I am able to get the name of the mayor and the Italian city, I will post.


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  1. Collete Gee says:

    Found the story. This happened last year. Mayor claims this was a misunderstanding. Thoughts…?


    1. Jide Salu says:

      Collete, misunderstanding huh! That was blatant racism. At least she has come out with an excuse. Thanks for posting.


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