The Ingredient for #Success – A good short read.

During my devotion this morning, a write-up on “The Ingredient for Success” was presented to me. I read and immediately decided I had to share it with my readers, Christians, Muslims and atheists alike. I hope you find it as enriching as I did. – Jide Salu

A young entrepreneur approached a corporate leader after a seminar and asked, “I’m not very smart but I’m hardworking. Will I ever succeed?” Without blinking an eye, the expert said, “You will definitely succeed!

You have three of the most important traits for success:

1. Hardworking

2. Knowing what you don’t know, and

3. Asking for help.

I must say I agree with that answer.

Intelligence seems to be quite over-rated as an ingredient for success. In fact, intelligence can mean trouble for the young, because it can often make one lazy, over-confident and proud.

The most successful people in any field are those who ask for help because they know what they do not know. And they work hard. 

Keep that in mind the next time you’re tempted to doubt if you’ll ever make it in a world where everybody seems to value degrees and titles above everything else.


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