“I Did Not Plot With Any Native Doctor To Kill Governor Oshiomhole” – Says Edo Deputy Governor

News headlines speak volumes. Most of the times, it reflects the mood of the country to certain situations. Political headlines in Nigeria are not dissimilar. When I come across headlines such as “I Did Not Plot With Any Native Doctor To Kill Governor Oshiomhole” – Says Edo Deputy Governor, Dr. Pius Odubu”, it makes me wonder if I am the only one that is frustrated at the style of politicking in Nigeria. Am’ I the only one that hasn’t given up? That it’s normal? And that we should turn our face in the exact opposite direction and continue like it never happened? 

Many times  I have had privileged information revealed to me. They are privileged, and anyone that knows me will know it remains privileged. When it eventually become news, I don’t have any regrets because I know I can be trusted to keep privilege information. My wife knows this about me. So I can’t ever divulge these stories.  However, it is staggering to hear of the extent Nigerian politicians go to usurp power. What baffles me is what they do with the power when acquired. 

Some well meaning politicians that are still in the fringes work tirelessly hard at getting things done, and guess what! Words are made up and passed on to the boss, who could be the Governor or President that the hard working, well meaning politician has an agenda. What happens thereafter? He is demoted, and the one with the real agenda, the one with no clue,  with no ideas is promoted, because he has promised his ‘god-father’ he will remain loyal. He is rewarded because he has played the politics the Nigerian way. Speak ill of someone and get him or her demoted, while he further climbs the ladder to ‘success’.

Back to Edo politics. Governor Oshiomhole and his Deputy, Dr. Pius Odubu. Its now in the open that the centre can no longer hold with reports that Dr Odubu has allegedly consulted with native doctors to kill his boss. How insane can it get!

Whose interests are these politicians representing? The crazy thing about this situation is that, it really does not matter to the ordinary citizens from Edo state. You know why? Its because they have chosen camps on whose side they belong and have purposely chosen to be oblivious of the very obvious fact that these politicians are simply using them to score political points.  Every Nigerian, I have repeatedly been informed, has a price. The question is, what is the price to the well meaning, hard working Nigerians? – Jide Salu

Read Dr Pius’s defence below;  
Edo State Deputy Governor, Dr. Pius Odubu, has denied reports published by some national daily newspapers on Sunday that he was plotting with some native doctors to kill his boss, Governor Adams Oshiomhole.
The cordial relationship between Governor Oshiomhole and his deputy had plummeted since the latter had declared interest in vying for the governorship position of Edo State.
Odubu debunked the allegation in a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Kelly Odaro.
He described it as part of the campaign of calumny to smear the good working relationship he had enjoyed with his boss in the past.
He said the allegation was being fuelled by mischief makers and blackmailers who are bent on destroying his cordial relationship with his boss, even as he raised the alarm over alleged plots by some persons to circular fliers round Benin City with a view to further destroy his image and fuel the crisis between him and the Comrade Governor.”



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