Inspirational| The Power of Words. (MUST READ TO UPLIFT YOU)

“If you can grasp an understanding of the power of the words you speak, says Joyce Meyer, it may just change the course of your life!
And I 100% agree with her.
The motivational speakers do not need to convince you how powerful words are. Your mood is an indicator of what you have been telling yourself. If you, all of a sudden feel depressed or sad, think back at what had transpired in your mind. What internal conversation had taken place?
The incredible thing is that God, some would call him the Universe, has given man the authority to change our mood, our spoken words. Don’t you know that you attract what you constantly say to yourself? seriously, its a no brainer!
Your mouth is that powerful tool. You use it either to be a blessing to someone, or a mood or destiny destroyer. The choice is simply yours. You can speak positive to uplift or encourage others, or speak negative stuff to discourage and  make people gloomy.
From this moment, learn how to speak those positive words to the barriers, the difficult situation in front of you, rather than talk about it.
Joyce describe it like this. She wrote; “the mouth is like a pen an your heart is like a tablet. When you say something over and over, it gets on the inside of you and becomes you.” She concluded; “It’s not something you have to try to do anymore, it’s who you are.”
Think about it and do something about it today.
Do have a fabulous day and God bless you always.



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