Eko Disco Announces Power Rationing. Was There Ever Regular Supply?


I do understand the courtesy extended by Eko Disco. I really do. My exasperation has nothing to do with this very noble gesture, akin to energy suppliers in the UK. My irritation stems from the realisation that power supply is unbelievably erratic. Erratic to the point where consumers are charged for the irregular supply of electricity. My mother does not have anything good to say about Eko Disco this very moment. Her bill is regular, but her power supply isn’t. This makes her frustrated. She tells me Eko Disco is prompt to send bills, but devoid of apologies when electricity supply is unavailable. Only in Nigeria can this occur. Now, you under my irritation with the announcement of rationing of power. Will consumers notice any significant difference? I  will go on to suggest it’s a win-win for Eko Disco. With or without electricity, Eko Disco will hide behind the excuse prior notice had been issued. And this will be disingenuous. Jide Salu


Energy-Mix has reported that Eko Disco has announced  a power infrastructure upgrade would occur around its network and would result in the rationing of power among its subscribers, Leadership reports.

The company said the exercise would commence today (Tuesday, 3rd May), it would last for one month and that those living around Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki and some parts of Ajah would be affected. Godwin Idemudia, General Manager, Corporate Communications of Eko Disco explained that the power rationing is to enable the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) upgrade both Line 1 and Line 2 of Ajah-Alagbon transmission line from 132kv to 330kv.

He, however, said that to ensure that the areas are not completely out of supply for the duration of the upgrade operation, alternative power supply arrangements would be made through a back-feeding operation to the areas from Alagbon Transmission injection substation via Ijora.



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