Read on…It will interest you.

Are you aware that money is created out of thin air backed by legal tender laws? 

Did you know that  debt does not exist, only the evidence of debt does?

Are you aware of the legalised scam of third party debt collecting agencies, the rules and how they flout these rules?

Are you aware that collection agents never follow due process?

Knowing these alone is like having the monopoly game’s  “Get Out of Jail Card”Debt-jide-salu-4
Do you have debt issues and are being hassled by creditors and debt collectors ? Would you like to know  how to stand up to these bullies ? If so, how would you like to  learn : 

How to engage creditors the correct way. How to complete income & expenditure statement. Know what is allowed, what isn’t in the document.  Know how to pitch repayment offers by the rules. e.g “ Norgan’s Rule” ( Case Law ) in the case of mortgage arrears.  Learn what questions to ask to stop creditors in their tracks.

How to  create a legal impasse which allows you to legally walk away from  debts, or buy you time that allows you to pay on your  own terms, or be let off the hook completely. 

How to stop debt collectors from going to court, If they go to court, usually the bulk processing centre in Northampton, knowing what to file in the defence to either make them go away, or have the case transferred to a county court, at which point they withdraw, or the case is thrown out, or buys  you time to organise yourself to pay.

Learn what to look for in your statements to know if you are paying too much in fees, have been overcharged on interests.  Using this  knowledge to buy more time or engage with the creditors on your own terms, not theirs. 

I run the workshop mainly in South East  England, and I have run one in Scotland on invitation by one of the London attendees.Debt-jide-salu-1

Examples of Outcomes  – Not Exhaustive:

– Successfully helped numerous people  legally walk away from alleged debts by applying the above knowledge.

– Successfully have bankruptcy petitions brought by creditors thrown out of court, & compensation awarded  

– Successfully prevented a creditor from exercising their alleged right to sell one of  my student’s  home due to the legal charge “they” put it.  They battled for 3 years and lost. The debt was £65,000  !

– Successfully helped prevent numerous home repossessions by teaching my students how to make offers based on the  Norgan’s Rule in court or even before the claim is taken to court.

– Successfully caused  Leeds City Council give up their chase for Council Tax by applying “Trust Laws” which they don’t understand.

– Successfully  put  a Mortgage company into a legal impasse over an alleged £25,000 debt for the past 7 years. due to  uncovered malpractices on their part and challenged them on it.  They admitted their errors  in writing 

– Successfully challenged and stopped bailiffs from enforcing a debt –  3  students under my guidance successfully challenged and won compensations and refunds from bailiffs. .  

– Successfully stopped bailiff action on 2 separate debts of  £800 each on behalf of one of  my students by taking the case up his case with Lord Chancellor.  ( Lord Chancellor runs the ministry of justice ). Bailiff actions were discontinued  and the debts were cancelled !

– Obtained acknowledgement in writing by major High  Street Banks such as Natwest, RBS that one of my student’s debts was unenforceable !

– Successfully  had numerous debt collecting agencies such as Lowell  Financial, 1st Credit Limited, Cabot Financial Limited withdraw  from money claims transferred from Northampton County Court ( Bulk Processing Centre )  to local County Courts.


– Successfully helped one of my students win a £300 ‘ good will ‘ payment  from  Barclaycard (a kind of compensation without admission of wrongdoing)  for recording a default notice on his credit file.

– Successfully helped  my students get over £50,000 PPI refunds. The biggest single refund being £15,000 !!  PPI can be used a basis of dispute, or one of the  basis  of defence if a creditor files a money claim.  P.S   I don’t do PPI claims in isolation

I  refer to people I have shared my research & knowledge with as students & not clients as I go through the process with them in a supportive capacity  (Pro bono).

To find out more contact ( preferred ) or call  07586 304 393

Disclaimer:  Dele is not  regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or Financial Services  Authority. He doesn’t give debt or financial advice  but provides information based on numerous case histories as well as purely on his own research, and personal  experience gained from applying information obtained from research to assist in a supportive capacity pro Bono .


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