VIDEO|IMPOSSIBLE? Delete That Word Now. Watch How Leicester Celebrated.



Leicester City football club did the impossible.  With odds of 5000-1, they have become the champions of England Premier League. The first team made up of no superstar have players signed from lower divisions. They also have a few rejects from the upper tier clubs. They simply worked together as a team to outshine the superstars. It’s a story that would be told for many years to come. Leicester 2016 players have become iconic players to the city. They have become the superheroes of the city and beyond. No one has the right to use the word ‘impossible’. I will advice you delete it from your vocabulary. It’s insane to believe in that word after what Leicester city has achieved. Its a reminder to people that simply look beyond the obvious. Many human beings would say Leicester were lucky. It would be stupid of anyone to engage that person in a meaningful conversation.  The manager, Claudio Ranieri who was sacked by Chelsea football club with his pool of players stepped away from their security in order to step into their destiny. What a lesson for us all, to step out of our comfort zone in search of the path that will lead us to our destiny. 

Watch how Leicester players  gathered at Jamie Vardy’s house in anticipation of the mother of all celebrations on the night Chelsea fought back from two goals down to level the match at 2-2 against Tottenham.

For months on end (Mirror reports), we could only dream of the famous “Jamie Vardy party” actually happening. When Leicester City won the Premier League on Monday night, the dream finally became reality. 

When the final whistle blew, the boys in blue went CRAZY.

By now, we’ve all seen the reaction from inside the chaos – if not, stop what you are doing and watch below . 

But courtesy of Jamie Vardy’s fiancé, Becky Nicholson, we now have a view from the outside, too.

As chaos ensued in her lovely looking family looking home, she could only look on as a horde of Leicester players exploded into pandemonium. Watch below



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