#anticorruption|Buhari is Upset. I don’t want Cameron’s apology. What would I do with an apology?

I am happy to read of President Buhari’s reactions on Cameron’s  “fantastically corrupt” snide remark about Nigeria. I can only imagine how Obasanjo would have reacted also. Buhari has certainly shifted from Nigeria’s perpetual 2nd-fiddle approach to a direct demand. It is certain Buhari knows what he wants from the United Kingdom. However., I still insist, he has to shift the almost acceptable norm that corruption has become cultural. It is endemic amongst Nigerians. EFCC has become a political tool. He is already leading by example. What more can he do without stepping on democracy? Make an example of a very high profile politician where absolutely every asset would be stripped off the looter. If President Buhari is unable to instil this paradigm shift, then I am afraid, Nigeria will remain in this hole for many generations to come. And an “It is well’ response will not change things. – Jide Salu 


Buhari at No. 10 with David Cameron

President Muhammadu Buhari says he does not want an apology from UK Prime Minister David Cameron for describing Nigeria as a “fantastically corrupt” country. 

Mr. Cameron was caught on camera describing Nigeria and Afghanistan as being amongst the most corrupt countries in the world. 

Mr. Cameron was speaking to the British Queen, Elizabeth II, ahead an anti-corruption summit taking place in London on Tuesday.

The Nigerian presidency said in an earlier statement that it was “embarrassed” by the comments.

Speaking at the venue of the conference, the BBC quoted Mr. Buhari as personally saying instead of an apology that he would want the repatriation of assets stashed in the UK by corrupt Nigerians. 




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