Jide Salu Apologises…

Dear Readers,

I also didn’t know I would be away from you for eight days. Honestly, I didn’t!

What was suppose to be a routine check-up  resulted in an emergency surgery! I am glad to report I am recuperating well.

Could I take this opportunity to extend my sincerest of gratitude to all those who took time, who made it theirs to write to me personally to enquire why I had been off the radar? That meant so much to me.  It really did. It is for this reason, and for these  people in particular that I am encouraged to continue  editing the ‘Jide Salu Diary’ blog.

I am back in front of my laptop, and I am recuperating well.

I would still go ahead to apologise for my absence and wish you all well.

Remember, Health, is indeed, Wealth.

Yours sincerely,

Jide Salu


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lijofi O says:

    God is ur strenght sir.


    1. Jide Salu says:

      Thank you so much Lijofi O.


  2. I checked more often to be sure my browser wasn’t malfunctioning. Glad to hear from you again.
    Divine health is yours.


    1. Jide Salu says:

      Thank you ever so much Joshua Adeyemo. You are very much appreciated. God bless you.


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