18 years on, Nigerians Remember Sani Abacha for Good, Bad and Ugly!


I really can’t place a majority of Nigerians on social media. It is ridiculous.  Ok, I can understand if a family member writes a eulogy, fondling missing Abacha. I can just about understand, a son or daughter would be selfish with their sentiments. This was exactly how Sagesse Gumsu Sani Abacha, his daughter felt when she posted her feelings for her dad on her FaceBook page. I can understand all of that. The dreaded Abacha was her father. Not sure how old she was when he ruled with iron fists in Nigeria. Many would secretly confess they miss his mean temperament, an attitude they will argue suits Nigeria. Others would claim he was simply a despot who was without any moral fibre. Family members would counter all sentiments and announce him a saint. Today, Social Media remembers Abacha, 18 years on, for Good, Bad and Ugly. Read on…

General Sani Abacha
General Sani Abacha

The GOOD by his daughter Sagesse Gumsu Sani Abacha, (was she insensitive to Nigerians?)

18 years since you left us. May aljannah firdaus be your final abode. .Amin. ..I miss you everyday with time i see so much of you in me.. never believed when ppl say we look alike😊…I am proud to be your daughter. I will do everything in my power to uphold our name…you were loving and caring. You always wanted the best for us..and for nigeria.  ‪#‎gallant‬ ‪#‎infantry‬ #418.“power and authority belongs to Allah and only him can decide the future with certainty but absolutely I don’t have any intention to perpetuate my self in power” General Sani Abacha.

The Bad (True or False)

The Ugly (..,is this over the top?)

…and more Ugly (How about this?)


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