#LagosToLondon| Jide Salu’s Blunt Views on DJ Cuppy (@cuppymusic), @alexanderamosu and Mbadiwe Twins.

When I was informed there was to be a programme on Channel 4 featuring Nigeria’s Super Rich, my immediate question was how NEGATIVE would Nigeria be portrayed? I would be honest with you. I wasn’t expecting anything in the least positive. So, I sat and watched with an open mind, and here are my thoughts on the programme ‘Lagos to London: Britain’s New Super Rich’.

The  programme shown on one of London’s terrestrial channels – Channel 4, known for its  over the top, no holds barred programming stance. They are also known for more controversial than inspirational programmes if you know what I mean. 

The programme featured three young Nigerians in the persons of  the Mbadiwe Twins,  Alexander Amosu, described as a self-made millionaire and D.J Cuppy, super rich daughter of Femi Otedola.

Mbadiwe Twins

Let me start with the Mbadiwe twins – Ozumba Mbadiwe and Oseloka Mbadiwe. Of course, who hasn’t heard of the late Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe, their grandfather? The Nigerian nationalist, politician, statesman and former government minister who passed on in 1990. He was  a charismatic politician who went on to make a name for himself. I will be very honest with you. I had never heard of the Mbadiwe Twins before now, and the programme didn’t do them justice in exposing what they really stood for and what they do. The programme informed us of the expensive, private institutions they attended. We were also shown the family home with what appeared to be hundreds of photographs displayed on the walls. We were shown flashy cars plus a grand Bentley…and …and….and….that’s it, folks. Oh yea, and that they are known in the social circle. I wasn’t impressed at all.  I really wasn’t.  A call on google revealed they are Instagram superstars. What does that mean? That still wasn’t inspirational to me. I hoped they did more, I am sure they do, but that did not come across.

Alexander Amosu
Alexander Amosu

Alexander Amosu, another Nigerian featured is a Nigerian that I have followed for quite a while. He made his millions via ringtones many years ago and has followed his business entrepreneurial activities with other ventures, the latest been ‘Lux Afrique’, a luxury lifestyle digital platform focused on luxury watches, cars, travel, real estate and events. He talked about his rise to riches. Now that will inspire anyone watching and listening to this young Nigerian who visited his former home, a flat in London where he lived with his  mother who had to do menial jobs to feed her children.  I wasn’t surprised not to see Alexander’s flashy cars exposed to make it the focal point. You know he has taste and a man of class. The venue for the launch of ‘Lux Afrique’,  took place  at the prestigious venue known as Billionaires’ Row, One Hyde Park – the major residential and retail complex located in Knightsbridge, and Regent’s Park. That spoke volumes.

DJ Cuppy.
DJ Cuppy.

Lastly, the third Nigerian family featured was Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, also known as DJ Cuppy. She is a DJ  and the daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola. I must be fair to this young lady. Her determination to be an achiever in her own right shone through and you can’t fault her for taking advantage of her wealthy background to get to the top of the ladder. Who would blame her for that. She may appear to have flouted her Dad’s wealth, and appeared to contradict herself, but as I watched on with full attention, I saw respect when she greeted a man seated next to her dad at a function. I noticed how she treated with respect one of ten of her Dad’s house maids. If she is a spoilt brat, it would have come across.  Most importantly of all, it was evident she wants to succeed. She is taking her DJing  career with all seriousness, rehearsing before shows. That to me is commitment. She went on to say that her privileged upbringing does not make live easy. She went on to say she and her sister feel under pressure to match up to their father’s success.

In her words; ‘I am scared of always been his daughter and not getting past that, for me that means not being successful enough,’ That is impressive.

All in all, the narrative is not wholly negative, I believe. As for Nigerians who have taken to social media with only one statement to capture the essence of DJ Cuppy when she said “Anytime I Work In Nigeria, I Move Around In A Bullet Proof Car”, will be totally unfair. But then again, what do you expect from headline readers who may not have watched the programme but will jump on the bandwagon of any negativity. 

To Alexander Amosu and DJ Cuppy, I say continue to do your things. And to the Mbadiwe twins, I sincerely look forward to reading more positive and ingenious positive stuff from you guys.

I wish you all well.

Jide Salu



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