Richard Branson Caught Employee Sleeping on the Job. What Happened Next?


A Virgin employee got the shock of his life when he was woken from a nap at work by none other than the company’s founder Richard Branson.

The staff member, who was on standby at the time, was discovered by the company founder curled up asleep on a couch in Virgin Australia’s Sydney office.

richard-branson-sleeping-staff-jide-saluThe photo shows the airline founder crouching next to the sleeping man, while his colleagues are pictured grinning in the background.

The man is still dressed in his suit and waistcoat, with his name badge pinned on one side, but has loosened his purple tie. 

‘I popped into the office and the airport to say hello and check in to see what the team are up to,’ Mr Branson said.

‘This guy wasn’t up to much at all – I caught him sleeping on the job! Wow, did he get a shock when I woke him up,’ he said. 

‘He must have thought he was dreaming because he went straight back to sleep. To be fair, he was on standby, getting some much-needed rest.’ 

Mr Branson was in Sydney for a few days as part of a Virgin Australia visit. (DAILY MAIL)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Benson says:

    Sir Branson is an advocate of: ‘Always give People a Second Chance’ I know he will keep his word.


    1. Jide Salu says:

      I know he would….I am a fan of his, have been for many years, Thanks for your comment Benson.


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