There is No Evidence Boko Haram is Funded or Supported by Islamic State (IS) group.

US officials have told the Reuters news agency they see no evidence that Nigerian Boko Haram militants have received significant operational support or financing from the so-called Islamic State group.

According to the BBC, the report comes after the Islamist group’s attack on the Niger town of Bosso, which borders Nigeria, killing 26 soldiers.

It said it carried out the raid in the name of Islamic State West Africa Province, Reuters reports.

It is more than a year since the group pledged allegiance to IS.

Multiple US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to Reuters, suggested Boko Haram’s pledge was more a branding exercise designed to boost its jihadi credentials, attract recruits and assistance.

“This is an African fight, and we can assist them, but it’s their fight,” one official is quoted as saying.

In the last year, a regional force has recaptured much of the territory Boko Haram controlled in north-eastern Nigeria.


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