Amodu Shuaibu, Another ex-Super Eagles Coach is Dead.

This makes you think how VAIN this world we live in really is.  Some people really actually believe it is the alarm clock that wakes them up, not fully giving the creator his due credit. I am not a religious person. I am simply a believer in the higher one, the creator of heaven and earth. I worship the creator of the universe through his son Jesus Christ whom I passionately and wholly believe in. I don’t believe in no-big-bang-theory. Time to re-consider or get closer to who you belive in. It has been posted that Amodu Shuaibu signed the register of the departed former Super Eagles Coach who died only three days ago. Just like that! Sadly, we will all die one day, and the alarm clock, expensive cars, expensive homes hidden all around the world, the stolen loot, fame and adoration will not be able to intervene. What would your legacy be? Food for thought. – Jide Salu

The report below is courtesy of  PM News.

Amodu Shuaibu-jide-salu

The Nigerian Football Federation has announced the death of its technical director, Amodu Shuaibu.

Shuaib was a former coach of Nigeria’s Super Eagles.

The NFF broke the news of his death this morning on its twitter handle. Shuaibu was just 58.

According to the NFF, Amodu complained of chest pain on Friday night and died in his sleep.

Amodu’s death represents another great blow for Nigerian football, coming just a few days after the death of Coach Stephen Keshi, who died 3 days ago on the 8 June.


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