OBSCENE VIDEO, PHOTOS| Diezani’s $20m House, Jewelries, Money. It’s Evil And Nigerians Deserve Its Leaders.

Diezani's $20m House-jide-salu

I am so thankful for social media. What amazes me is how foreign media entities such as Al Jazeera take the time to engage in investigative journalism while NTA and others selectively choose to turn a blind eye. The video below is an example of what ought to have been reported by a Nigerian TV news organisation but was not.  It’s evil and Nigerians are to blame. Nigerians deserve the leaders they have. What Nigerians love to do is discuss problems at beer parlours and on social media. If they are f=given the opportunity or appointed in a position of power, I can tell you with all confidence that the average Nigerian would connive to loot. That is the mindset. That is the culture. The culture of impunity changing hands. how can you explain parties organised, thanksgiving services at mosques and churches especially when appointments are made? In Nigeria, appointments made are not seen as a unique opportunity to serve, but to amass wealth. Now you can better understand me when I propose that Nigerians deserve the leaders they get.  Hav- Jide Salu   

Diezani's $20m House-jide-salu
Diezani’s $20m House

Most of the money was spent on property, vehicles, and jewellery.

Diezani's $20m House-jide-salu
Diezani’s Jewelries

The Nigerian government says it has recovered more than $10bn in cash and assets stolen by politicians from the previous administration. 

President Muhammadu Buhari took office last year and said fighting corruption would be his top priority.

Diezani's $20m House-jide-salu
Despite the success, some anti-corruption bodies say more still needs to be done.

Diezani's $20m House-jide-saluAl Jazeera’s Yvonne Ndege reports from Abuja.



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