Are You Sure You Can Solve The Flower Puzzle Dividing The Internet?

Blue flower add red flower equals… ?

A maths equation using delicate floral symbols instead of algebra has got everyone thinking. Can you figure it out?

The key is in counting how many petals are on each flower, but that’s the only clue we’ll give you.

Lots of people think they have come up with the answer – but almost as many are coming up with different results.

Scroll down for the solution…











It’s actually 81.

Three red flowers add up to 60, so they are each worth 20. A blue flower with five petals is 5 and two yellow flowers are worth two.

In the final line, there is a blue flower with four petals and one yellow flower. Logic tells you one yellow flower is worth half of two.

So the last line reads 1 + 20 x 4.

However, some say we still don’t TRULY know the answer because it’s speculation that a blue flower with four petals instead of five would be worth four.

The puzzle first appeared on Trending in China and posted in UK Metro.


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