BBC One To Show 90min Drama About Damilola Taylor Murdered 16 Years Ago.

Written by award-winning screenwriter and playwright Levi David Addai, Our Loved Boy is a 90’ feature-length drama for BBC One telling the story of Damilola Taylor from the point of view of the Taylor family, exploring their journey from Lagos to London, the emotional repercussions of Damilola’s death and the family’s quest for justice.

Best known for his roles in Eye In The Sky, ’71 and Severance, Babou Ceesay will be playing Damilola’s father, Richard Taylor OBE. On taking on the role, Babou said: “It is a real honour to be part of the telling of this story. I feel a responsibility to the family, to Richard Taylor and of course to Damilola Taylor. I hope that in our own small way we can contribute to his legacy.”

‘Our Loved Boy’, A BBC Feature-Length Drama

The death of 10-year old Damilola Taylor in 2000 saw an innocent child lose his life on the streets of Peckham, shocking the nation and generating headlines worldwide. This story goes behind the headlines to explore the lasting impact of Damilola’s death on his close and loving family.

Portraying Richard’s late wife, Gloria, will be Wunmi Mosaku (Moses Jones) who commented: “It is humbling to be a part of Our Loved Boy. Damilola’s smile still resonates deeply within the UK and beyond.”

In his debut for BBC One, Levi added: “I’ve been a fan of Babou and Wunmi for many years, and I’m absolutely delighted that they will be leading this fantastic cast. This story is about family, fatherhood and hope. Albeit a huge responsibility, I am very determined to do it justice.”

Damilola will be played by a new talented actor – a 12-year-old schoolboy born and raised in South London.

The late Camilla Taylor
The late Camilla Taylor

Our Loved Boy does not depict the crime which ended Damilola’s life, but instead will focus on the impact of this crime upon the family. It will be a film about justice, redemption and love, and is being made with the consent and support of Damilola’s father, Richard Taylor OBE.

Made by Minnow Films from BAFTA and Emmy award-winning executive producer Colin Barr (My Murder, Our War) and BAFTA-winning director Euros Lyn (Capital, Happy Valley). The producer is Sue Horth and commissioning editors for the BBC are Clare Sillery and Lucy Richer.


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