Anti Corruption Nigerian Singer Ado Halliru Daukaka is Missing And News is Not Trending!

This is now BBC has reported this story. Has he been found or is he still missing? I am aghast this isn’t been covered by mainstream news sites. – Jide Salu

Police are searching for a popular Hausa singer, Ado Halliru Daukaka, who went missing on Friday.

Othman Abubakar, the police spokesman in Nigeria’s north-eastern state of Adamawa, said the security agencies were doing their best to find the singer who disappeared after releasing a song highlighting incompetence and corruption among politicians.

His song, entitled Gyara kayanka, meaning “Let us do the right thing” in Hausa, points out how politicians make promises and never fulfil them.

One of his wives Hadiza Dauda told the BBC that Mr Daukaka was visited by unknown people in the early hours of Friday and that was the last time the family had set eyes on him.

In tears she said:

We have been searching for him. His phone is off. We are doing all possible but there is no sign of him. We are appealing to everyone to please help us find him. We are afraid for his life.”

In northern Nigeria, singers have a huge influence and their songs can sway political leanings.

These days, their songs are shared using mobile phones, giving them an even wider reach.

Abdullahi Mustapha, a human rights activist, told the BBC: “Politicians don’t like criticism. All the want is praise of their names. ”

Politicians don’t like criticism. All they want is praise of their names.”

Friends and fans of Ado Daukaka have taken to social media urging people to pray for the missing singer.


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