HELP! London based Nigerian, Hope Ejerovbo goes Missing In Lekki.

oeasMr Hope Ejerovbo

I just can not begin to imagine the emotions Mrs Ejerovbo and her three children must be going through right now!

This is what happened. 

 Hope Ejerovbo lives with his family in Crayford, London. Like many Nigerians with a passion for making something of life in Nigeria started a successful business in construction lease equipment based in the Niger Delta part of Nigeria, Warri


He travelled to Lagos to spend a few days with his niece who lives in Lekki part of Lagos state. On Monday (4th July) morning, it was reported that he complained of a lack of sleep. Actually, for the last two weeks, he had complained of a lack of sleep. He told relatives he did not sleep overnight and decided to go for a walk early that fateful morning. He took his phone and wallet with him and that was the last time his niece saw him.  

The MTN network which he subscribed to was contacted, and it was confirmed his phone had been switched off near the Mega Chicken Restaurant located on the Lekki axis, close to Ajah. His bank also confirmed no amount of money was withdrawn.

Friends and Family members have printed and circulated ‘Missing person’ posters with his photograph and contact numbers (as seen above).

They have requested us to circulate this story along with these numbers 0803 539 6194 , 0903321 3393 for members of the public to contact them on. 

Hospitals, Churches and Police stations have also been notified.

Mr Hope Ejerovbo
Mr Hope Ejerovbo

By the way, Mr Hope Ejerobvo  was due to travel back to his family in London today, Wednesday, 6th July 2016.

I pray this story ends on a good note.



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