INSPIRATIONAL|5 Lessons To Learn From Ronaldo’s Injury And His Winning Mentality.


Victorious Portugal
Victorious Portugal Lifting the Euro 2016 Trophy

France played against Portugal to vie for the coveted  UEFA EURO CUP. It is history now as Portugal defeated the host Nation and won the cup. Much have been written and said in the last few days of that final match.

Let me tell you what happened to a friend of mine apartment while his lovely family  watched the match. He requested both his  wife and younger sister to watch the match with him. They obliged. Each time RONALDO made attempts to play, desperate efforts were made to hack him down. They started complaining early in the match. “These French guys want to injure Ronaldo so that they can easily win” -They both lamented. One particular incidence saw two French boys clearly go after Ronaldo’s legs. They forgot the ball. My two of them kept saying :” we told you. They appear to be under instruction or conspiracy to get Ronaldo out of the match as early as possible”. 

Finally , Ronaldo was out. Out on a stretcher !!!. On the 25th minute!!!. He was in tears. Fans had their hands on their heads. They seemed to say its all over for the team. Then the two lost their cool.” These French boys are competing unfairly. This is not football again. You cannot deliberately injure a star player  because you want to win”, they lamented. Finally, my friend wife  said :” God does not like unfairness. Mark it. Because of the way the French boys went about this game, they will lose”. As if to close the matter, she said she would  no longer watch the match. She slept off on the couch .My friend  woke her up after the game. Just in time to show her limping Ronaldo with the trophy. She only said, “:I told you”. She went back to sleep, as his sister showered jeering woes to the French boys because she supported Portugal all the way.

Ronaldo comforted by team mates
Ronaldo comforted by team mates

Here we go with the LESSONS:

Ask the French national football team. Reconfirm from my friend’s wife. Destroying one’s colleagues will not build the destroyer up. Assassinating the character of others do not build one’s character. Those who bring others down end up being brought down. God is the only ONE who can bring a person down or raise a person up.

As soon as Ronaldo received the last knock, he signalled to the coaching crew that he should be changed. No matter how good a star is, he will harm the team if he plays injured. We have heard about some players who mask their injury and still “try” and play. When you are sick, let people know you are sick. Excuse yourself from the office. Excuse yourself from functions. It is not a sin to fall sick. If you are a Pastor and you feel “empty” on a Sunday ‘Sabbath’ morning , do not mount that pulpit. Let your deputy or assistant  stand in. You cannot “offload ” ANYTHING from an empty container.

Did you watch Ronaldo  off the pitch ? He was inspiring and encouraging the players during the two extra time breaks. He was patting them on the back. At a time the commentator said Ronaldo had become the unofficial assistant coach. He was limping  around on the touchline. He seemed to be saying “They got me out of the pitch, but I am still here to inspire the rest of you to win “. Your elderly parents may be “off the pitch”, but they can still give you good counsel. Your elderly uncles, aunties , grandmas and grandpas may be “off the pitch” on account of old age but they are still from the touchline. Experience never goes out of fashion. 
Listen to them!

Inspirational Ronaldo on the touch line
Inspirational Ronaldo on the touch line

Fourthly, WEEPING CAN BE TURNED INTO JOY. (Ronaldo wept  like a baby when he was being stretchered out. He was the captain. At 31 he knew he could not play in the next UEFA EUROPE competition in four years time. This is an important Trophy he dreamt of winning . And it appeared to be slipping through his fingers again. Yet with less than two hours of weeping, RONALDO was laughing big. He was beaming with smiles clutching the trophy and posing for shots before the World media. It could make a movie.

I am not sure of  what you are passing through now. Just remember the promise of God and the Ronaldo story. Soon your weeping will end and you will laugh last. Remain on the touchline.

Finally, A RELATIVELY UNKNOWN TEAM CAN BEAT A TEAM OF STARS.  Ask the Portuguese. Ask the French football team. LES BLEUS, the French National team is an assemblage of stars. Name them. PAYET, GRIEZMANN, SAGNA,EVRA, POGBA, MATUIDI, SISSOKO etc. Compared to the French; the Portuguese could only boast of a few established stars,( Ronaldo, Nani). Team spirit and commitment make the difference. Do not be intimidated by the credentials of your opponents. Pedigree is good but if you do not have it, do not feel intimidated by those who have it. Many people whose children are excelling in Harvard, Stanford, Yale or Oxford did not themselves attend Ivy League Schools. Some of the successful CEOs did not have a privileged upbringing. Where you were born into has no direct relevance to where God is taking you to if you are ready to work hard and live holy.

Ronaldo in pain
Ronaldo in pain

Recollect the face of RONALDO, limping and smiling with the TROPHY. Even if you have been “injured ” by your rivals, I declare that you will soon receive your Trophy in Jesus Name. God bless you real good and have a glorious week in Jesus name Amen. Shalom

Gem Analyst


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