Jide Salu|Nigerians will Survive; They Have Always Survived.

Nigerians have learnt to cope with sufferings. 

They smile.

They laugh.

They trivialise important matters and coin ingenious jokes.

Jokes that make you crack up…….into ecstasy

Like the drug, you are oblivious of your surroundings

You are so high, I have been informed. Life matters no more to you.

You are living in the moment of high

Forgetting, as you bask in the euphoria of joy

that, it is a simile

it will disappear leaving you with a mirage that ‘all is well’

But it was never well in the first place

‘It is well’, a cacophony of religious  sentiments applied 

interchangeably by all and sundry

Sai Baba, otherwise known as Buhari was heralded as the saviour 

of the common man on the street

‘it is well’

Nigerians donated their last kobo

Donated their last sweat

like the octogenarian who gave up her life’s savings

I coughed up some kobo as well

to be part of history and to be able to bring him to account 

if all goes awry

it has, now

and all, on social media who supported and argued for Sai Baba

are nowhere to be found

every one of them has gone on vacation

in preparation

for 2020 elections

Is Buhari in Trouble?

or is it the Economy that is troubled?

Ministers are quiet

Senators and House of Reps are fighting EFCC

EFCC is the busiest

yet no single indictment

Even Lai Muhammed is quiet

that tells you something is amiss.

All Nigerians expect is HOPE!

Buhari gave plenty outside office

but hasn’t been able to offer any in office.

Nigerians are suffering

Good People, Good Nation

But I have been told off

and made to understand that

Nigerians will survive 

They have always survived.




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