AUDIO – #SaveMayowa. What A Mess! Listen to Toyin Aimakhu and Aramide Kasumu Speak about the Alleged Scam!

I am so embarrassed at the desperation of Nigerians. It has reached a situation where trust is the least expected virtue of an average Nigerian on the street. How it has gotten to the stage where a cancer patient by the name of Mayowa Ahmed may have been exploited is beyond me. How did it get to this stage? Surely, Buhari can’t be blamed for this, neither can you blame former President Goodluck. You are either trustworthy or you are not. I am embarrassed for Nigeria.  Who can be trusted to investigate this matter? All that needs to be done is to investigate to find out which bank the funds were paid into (this may be tricky) and put a temporary stop to withdrawals. Or better still, the bank may choose to come out in public as a civil duty so as to discourage dubious ‘419’ acts (even ‘trickier’ demand). Meanwhile, what has become of the patient Mayowa Ahmed?

Click to listen ….


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