#SaveMayowa|Mayowa Ahmed’s Family Deny Fundraising Scam Claim by Blogger.

The family of Mayowa Ahmed, a Nigerian woman who raised over N60 million to fight cancer, has decried claims by a blog that they set up the fraud to scam people.

The blog on Thursday published that the family had been told by the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) that at Stage 4 of her cancer, there was no longer hope for her but to wait to die yet went ahead to raise millions of naira locally and over 100,000 dollars through GoFundMe.

It was also reported that Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, who helped with the fundraising, visited LUTH with policemen to arrest the alleged scammers.

A source said the effort raised about N64million for the 29-year old woman who suffers from ovarian cancer. However, the family in a statement noted that despite LUTH’s verdict, they would not give up on Mayowa.

They noted that efforts are being made to fly her to Abu Dhabi by next week.

The statement reads: “We have been called by friends, family that our raising funds for Mayo is a scam. We were also informed that some persons had made statements concerning her state and her ability to pull through this ordeal.

“As a family we wish to make these affirmative statements:

  1. Mayowa is presently in LUTH receiving treatments that will prepare her for seven-hour trip to Abu Dhabi. We have also engaged the services of the Flying Doctors to accompany her on the trip based on the recommendation by the Doctors in LUTH.
  2. Mayowa is receiving treatment in LUTH to allow her be able to travel as advised by the Doctors in LUTH and she has been transfused to help improve her PCV.
  3. The funds are solely for Mayowa’ s treatment and for no other reason.
  4. We await her Visa for travel documents to commence the journey as we are in touch with the doctors abroad and they are awaiting her arrival.

“We appreciate the contributions made by Nigerians on this journey. Mayowa will live to tell this story and you shall be one of the audiences by His grace.”

When The Nation put a call through to Mayowa’s sister, Tope, it was answered by a family friend, Saheed Badmus, who described Linda Ikeji’s claim as false.

Mayowa Ahmed

He said the family only got to know Mayowa’s ailment was cancer about a month ago after about a year of regular tests at LUTH and the Reddington Hospital and are continuing with medical treatment because Mayowa’s wish to fight for her life.

“The true story is that the girl is very sick. She was in my house in March and up till that time LUTH and Reddington could not give us the cause of her sickness.

“It is not as if the family knew she had cancer like three or four months ago. We just learnt about the cancer last month because LUTH and Reddington could not give us a diagnosis from the results of the tests they had been conducting since last year. They are the major cause why we are in this situation. We had to send the test results abroad before we were told she had ovarian cancer.

Mayowa Ahmed
Mayowa Ahmed

“The girl said she doesn’t want to die like this. She is not giving up on herself. It is not like the hospital she is going to in (Abu Dhabi) is promising a miracle. But they can take care of her.

“Linda Ikeji is not being open-minded. Watch her (Mayowa’s) videos. She says she just wants a chance to live,” he said.

Badmus also told this reporter that he was the one that urged the family to seek help from the public in their struggle to save their daughter’s life.

“The family does not want thi publicity. I was the one that said they should seek support. They are not hungry people without jobs. But I advised them that with the enormity of the problem, they should seek help,” he said.

Another source close to Mayowa’s sister (names withheld), defended the family, saying she demonstrated integrity when they were in school together.

She added that one dose of injection for Mayowa’s treatment costs up to N4million.

She said Linda likely published the post because people normally give up when cancer gets to advanced stage.

“Linda Ikeji is going based on the stage of her ailment and the theory that once it’s stage IV there is no remedy and that is not true. It all depends on how much money you have to treat yourself; and most especially God’s grace,” she said.


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  1. DBC says:

    We pray the almighty to lay hands on her and bring her back to health.


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