Introducing Dr David (Yomi) Eso, JSD’S Latest Columnist| ‘My Right, My Choice and My Rule’.

My right, my choice and my rule.

These words or slogans have wrecked havoc over the years, more so in contemporary times.

My right and choices have become threatening words as often arisen out of strife or disputes.

Therefore, you will be right to assume whenever those words are uttered you are dealing with deviant character or spirit, serious conflict and misunderstanding.

In fact, those words should create a red flag for the wise.

You will also not go wrong if those words now give ordinary people goose pimples.

My right and choice now seem bastardised to those who believe they have been “badly done by” the system, institution, circumstances or poor relationship.

My right and my choice do not spell tolerance and understanding in the current connotation.

My right and my choice seem to spell “I don’t care whatever”, “am not going to give up”, “am going to fight you”, “You don’t own me”, “I can do what I like”, “There is nothing you can do about it” etc.

My right,  my choice is destroying families, marriages and society.

Now don’t get me wrong, am’ not saying people don’t have rights and choices.

Of course, right and choice both have to be understood from lay down societal rules and laws.

Making a good or right choice within our personal life is important, and underpinning this is the need for retraining or discipline.

I spent most of my formative years with my grandma and those days there were strict rules and orders.

My Dad never mixed up his words and I learnt to respect others. Not lie or steal.

We have limited “rights and choices” back then, but have to operate within rules, otherwise, you will be deemed a rebel.

But over the years with “modernisation” the fabric of our basic rules, respect for each other and obeying the law as humans have been eroded or disregarded.

As our rules and choices are no longer under any strict guidance or restraint and unfortunately worsen with a perverted rule of justice in some instances.

Society has begun to breed dissidents, ‘rambos’, terrorists, intolerance, private investigators, mercenaries, etc.

Our lives have  become fragmented as everybody likes to uphold his or her right and choice, thereby creating our own rule!

There are many far rights or lefts these days including “terrorist” rights!

How then can we say we don’t understand the genesis of the world chaos we find ourselves today?

Those of us belonging neither to a right or left group albeit majority now have no voice and are marginalised.

As rules and laws are failing us, and being subjected to human manipulation and interpretation. Bad choices and misjudged rights are springing up in revenge.

Remember that God did not want us to live under the law, hence he sent Jesus Christ out of LOVE.

Our basic tenet of understanding of life is, firstly, love for God and our neighbour.

Choice and right will not feature in our vocabulary or consciousness and therefore displeasure or misunderstanding will not force us to exercise inappropriate choice or “right”

The prodigal son at the time thought he was making a right choice or decision by asking his father to give him his own portion of his inheritance.

We need to be awaken to the evil masquerading in our lives and society at large as “modern trends”, “choice and right” as selfishness and intolerance, “Current trends or vogue” as evil permissiveness, “social media and internet networking” as a conversation with the agents of Satan for the unsuspecting. 

The need to ensure that individuals have a healthy mindset is not limited to the government alone, but a task for all in our homes.

Dr David Eso
Dr David (Yomi) Eso
Dr David (yomi) ESO is a retired general practitioner (GP) who has concentrated on writing since illness forced him to retire from a vocation he dearly loved. He has passion for inspirational Poems, Motivational Quotes and Educational Christian blogs.

He is an accomplished poet with two recent publications: SHOWERS FROM THE FOUNTAIN and JOURNEY IN THE WILD, both available on Amazon.

Showers From The Fountain-david-eso-jide-saluJourney in the Wild-david-eso-jide-salu

you can contact him via where you can enjoy more of his thought provoking thoughts and poems. He is married with two boys.

You can also contact him via Twitter @fountainpoems





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