I am Aisha Alkali Wakil. “Yes I have links with Boko Haram”.

You are out for mischief. Yes I have links with Boko Haram and you have always known that – Aisha Wakil to @HQNigerianArmy 

I am Aisha Alkali Wakil. 

I understand that the military declared me, Ahmed Silkida and Ahmed Bolori wanted for having links with Boko Haram. It’s interesting, now they believe me? 

I know the Boko Haram boys. I have been in front fighting for peace long before Chibok girls were kidnapped. Nigerian security knows me too well, I’m not shady. Why declaring me wanted?

I have had meetings with Chief of Army staff & his people. I told them the way forward, to allow me come with some commanders of Boko Haram and discuss with them, present the release of CBGs but they chose to do things their own ways only and never gave considerations to any of my suggestions. 

I want to inform the Nigerian people of my innocence and make them realise that I am in constant relation with the security personnel and they know where to find me but wonder why I had to be declared wanted on national news even mentioning my husband’s name alongside. 

Aisha Alkali Wakil-jide-salu

This has put my immediate and extended family under a lot of pressure and I do not deserve this from the Nigerian government. 

Though they may not appreciate all my efforts to profer peaceful solutions to the menace of bh, my name should not be mudslinged nor my character defamed.

Thank you

Aisha Alkali Wakil]

as posted on Face book page of  Oluwakayode Olumide Ogundamisi

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