When A Nigerian DG, @DrJoeAbah Apologises For A Mistake, There Is Hope!

The Director-General (DG) of The Bureau Of Public Service Reforms (BPSR), Dr Joe Abah is fighting the corner on behalf of  Nigeria’s Federal Civil Servants. 

His passion for his civil duties and his ability to mix it  and engage with Nigerians on Social media is rapidly gaining attention and credibility. He is not scared to say it as he sees it. He takes his time to provide answers to direct questions and often at times makes jest (as you and I would) at stupid insinuations. 

As a senior Public officer in Nigeria, his stance is rear and reassuring and somewhat gives many Nigerians hope that the role of public service is not a poisoned chalice. 

As it stands, I am yet to notice any senior Nigerian public officer that has embraced the social media as Dr Joe Abah has. In one of his tweets, that caught my attention (many may not have noticed), he actually apologised for a mistake that was not his own doing. He needn’t have, but he did (see tweet below). This is a rarity and I applaud him for this. Long may it continue. How I wish politicians and other leaders can engage Nigerians in a similar fashion. The Dr Joe Abah way.



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