WhatsApp! Read How Tolulope Makanju Emigrated To Australia After Predicting The Fall Of Naira Two Years Ago.


Tolulope (male) was born in Jos on August 5th 1974.

After his primary and secondary education, he eventually attended the University of Lagos where he bagged an Upper Second Class B.Sc degree in Mechanical Engineering (1997).

After his NYSC service year, he abandoned engineering and joined Arthur Anderson as a trainee manager. He had a fairly distinguished career, being seconded to Accenture (a sister company of Arthur Anderson), and on a few occasions was sent to work for months in The USA, Africa, UK, and South America.

During the global economic downturn of 2008/2009, members of staff at Arthur Anderson/Accenture, who had served meritoriously for 10 years and above, were offered ‘early retirement opportunity with enhanced benefits’. Tolu took the opportunity to retire, and with his retirement benefits, got married, and started a very successful farming business in Lagos and Ogun States.

On August 5, 2014 while celebrating his 40th birthday with family and friends, Tolu shocked all guests (including his parents, who were present), by announcing that in exactly a month’s time (5th September), he and his family were emigrating to Australia for good!

Tolu’s parent were dazed to say the least, but bore the news with equanimity. Later, they decided to ask Tolu for the reasons for his decision ‘to check out’.

Tolu told them that all economic indices and analyses, point to Nigeria’s economy going down hill as a result of government *actions and inactions* (put together from his experience working with Arthur Anderson/Accenture). Tolu went further to specifically predict that *by December 2014, the US Dollar will be exchanging for N300, while GBP will be between N400 and N420.* He said that he preferred gathering all he had and exchanging them into foreign currency (at the then current exchange rate), take the funds somewhere else, where he can reinvest, rather than keep toiling in Nigeria and watch his investment continue to dwindle daily! He added that the outcome of the then forthcoming elections will NOT make any difference, as things were worse than what the government was making us believe!!

Tolu sold everything (farmland, vehicles, household things, tractors, etc), gathered his money and went off to Sydney, Australia, where he has been residing since September 6, 2014. He is doing very well, and earlier this month celebrated his 42nd birthday, in addition to the arrival of a son in April, 2016.

*Mr. Tolulope Makanju is my first son.*

For all those blaming PMB, you are not fair to the man (my firm belief).

*Some rightly saw it coming before PMB became President.*

Prof. MakanjuwhatsApp-jide-salu

‘WhatsApp’ is a new series that will catalogue Direct messages I receive from friends through the platform WhatsApp.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect my thoughts or the position of Jide Salu Diary Blog.


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