#ChangeBeginsWithMe: 10 Questions For Mr President. Sir, What Does It Really Mean?

I chuckle when another slogan is launched in Nigeria. Nigerian politicians know how to wriggle out of blame, pressure, controversies and governance. They either introduce the ethnic card or launch a committee or slogan. The latest slogan launched is  #ChangeBeginsWithMe. 

Let us be real, what EXACTLY doers this mean? It is so infuriating to witness and experience how these politicians pretend they are governing, when in actual fact, none has a clue. And for those that may be sincere, those who are not are in a majority and would thwart every meaningful effort to bring progress on upon the poor people of Nigeria.   

Another irritating thing for me with this ‘ #ChangeBeginsWithMe’ slogan is to see the number of people that have been hoodwinked by this government campaign.

When President Buhari in his slogan launch says “Our citizens must realize that the change they want to see begins with them, and that personal and social reforms are not a theoretic exercise. In other words, before you ask ‘where is the change they promised us?’, you must first ask, ‘how far have I changed my ways?”

Thinking Mr President
Thinking Mr President

I will like to ask Mr president these TEN questions. They are as follows;

  1.  Is ‘#ChangeBeginsWithMe’ a personal statement of the president? What does it really mean?
  2. Is ‘#ChangeBeginsWithMe’ a government policy or just a slogan?
  3. President Muhammadu Buhari has said that before Nigerians demand to see the changes he promised them during the 2015 election, they must first change their own attitude by shunning corruption and other social vices. What efforts have his ministers made to change? For instance, re salaries, have they reduced their salaries?
  4. Buhari says’ change is not about economic or social progress, but it is in terms of citizens’ personal behaviour.’ I couldn’t agree more, has he carried along lawmakers – Senators and members of the House of Reps? 
  5. Does President Buhari really think the slogan  ‘#ChangeBeginsWithMe’  would make any difference on the streets?
  6. Mr. President, what you really meant with the slogan  ‘#ChangeBeginsWithMe’ is a direct indictment to a Nigerians. read this –  ” before you ask ‘where is the change they promised us?’, you must first ask, ‘how far have I changed my ways?”. Do you agree?
  7. This  rallying cry for unity in a nation deep in recession crisis is not enough to get Nigeria out of its economic mess. It is deeper than a mere slogan. What practical plans does Mr President have to really give Nigerians some form of hope?
  8. Nigeria’s senators are some of the highest paid lawmakers in the world. Mr. President, are you saying nothing can be done to drastically reduce this waste?
  9. Mr. President, would you say, you have failed so far to cut down on the high cost of running government?
  10. Mr. President, what comes next after ‘#ChangeBeginsWithMe’  slogan expires after a few days?

These are some of my concerns. Below are some reactions by equally concerned Nigerians.



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