Nigeria Powerlifter, Josephine Orji Sets New World Record And Wins Gold.

Considering the lack of amenities in Nigeria, I can not begin to imagine how creative Nigerian Paralympian athletes train for world events. The sheer determination of these athletes, who have not only overcome discrimination in one form or another in a country that is not particularly disabled-friendly, and their mental toughness  to get involved in sports for the disabled, not encouraged wholeheartedly by the government must be commended. Without over flogging or overstating the obvious, Nigeria indeed is awash with natural talents – abled and disabled.  Can anyone imagine if these same athletes were encouraged with sponsorships and the right facilities? –  Jide Salu

Josephine Orji
Josephine Orji

Nigerian powerlifter Josephine Orji has set a new world record and won the country’s eighth gold medal at the Paralympic Games in Rio.

The 37-year-old Paralympian lifted 154kg to win her medal in +86kg powerlifting event.

Her lift of 160kg set a new world and Games records.

Nigeria’s Paralympians are proving a powerhouse, especially in powerlifting – something the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) noted on Twitter:

On Tuesday, another Nigerian Paralympian, Flora Ugwunwa, set a world record  – in the women’s javelin F54 event.

Nigeria now has 11 medals in total – eight gold, two silver and one bronze.


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