Critics Are Unfair! Lai Mohammed says Nigerians don’t understand ‘Change Begins With Me’ campaign.

….then make Nigerians understand. It can’t be that difficult! Can it?

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has stated the current administration is working round the clock that its cabinet members find it difficult to sleep.

Speaking when a delegation of the National Council for Women’s Societies (NCWS) paid him a courtesy visit at his office in Abuja, Mohammed said many critics of the government were unfair on them.

According to him, “We are very concerned about the welfare of Nigerians and we are not sleeping; we are working day and night to ensure that the country retraces its step,” he said.

“Many of our critics have been unfair to us because many of them know that we did not invent the problems we are facing today.”

Lai Mohammed said those criticising the ‘Change Begins with Me’ campaign do not understand what it is all about.

On those who insisted that change has to start from the top, he said members of President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet have been practising what they are preaching.

“People have criticised the campaign. Some have said that the campaign ought to start from the top.”

“We completely agree with them, but their criticism is because they did not understand the campaign.

“The campaign actually started from the top, because we are doing what we are preaching. This is the least ostentatious cabinet you can ever have.

Lai Mohammed

“We are all living and showing good examples – we obey traffic rules, we queue up at public places and get to work early and close late.”

He disclosed that the recruitment process of the 500,000 jobs which government promised had begun.

“The process for the recruitment has started,” Lai Mohammed said.

“About 1.2 million people applied and they classified them into categories, including agriculture support officers, teachers, technical officers and so on.”

Meanwhile, the minister has asked Nigerians to stop accusing Buhari of persecuting the former first lady, Patience Jonathan over the $15m cases hanging around her neck.

Daily Post

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