Passing Over The Baton Of Stress.

How reassuring! 

He, the Lord, God Almighty, the Holy Spirit comes through all the time.

It could be through scriptures, through words or through friends. God is with me all the time.

I know it. Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend. Difficult to pray even, but I make sure it is not difficult for me to simply say ‘Jesus help me’. There is no battle God has ever lost. How can he! God loves me, and you so much that he yearns for us to call out to him. What God WILL NOT do is to break his own laws. He NEVER BADGES into situations. The least the loving Lord expects from me, and you is to reach out to him. At all times, without fail, I watch, with expectations to see how the solution will unfold.

This is to encourage you. When I cannot pray at those most difficult of times, all I did was to call out ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, help me’.

At that moment, a spiritual battle had been won. I had succeeded in passing over the ‘baton’ of stress, burden, difficult situation over to Jesus.

Like ‘magic’, my mood begins to change , internal dialogue switches to a more positive mode with new thoughts. I then begin to take action going with the flow. Never mind if it doesn’t make sense. Just believe. This is the Holy Spirit at work.

Please don’t put a time limit to when the Holy Spirit takes over. I try not to. Once I begin to think of the time for the solution to come, what that means is that I hadn’t completely let go. I hadn’t let go of the ‘baton’ I was meant to have released to the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus help me break this message down to every reader. Amen.


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