Dealing With Disappointment When Your Plan Fails.

‘Listen to advice and accept discipline.’ This is what the book of wisdom (Bible) informs us.

I have always loved wise people. I look out for wisdom nuggets at all times. The age of the author of wisdom is immaterial to me. There is nowhere in the Bible where it was stated that the giver of wisdom is age restricted. 

Sometimes I am dogged in my methods, however, I am quick to seek for greater knowledge when it appears I am not making headway. 

Again, if the person at the other end that holds the wisdom is younger, so be it. It will not stop me from bearing my mind. It shouldn’t stop you either. This is about living well and not being prideful.

When it comes to seemingly missing out on opportunities, my approach is different. 

I believe in Jesus Christ. And I am still learning too, completely, and I mean completely let go of disappointments. 

I love to research and plan, but my plans do not always go accordingly. There are many options available to me, the key ones being FRUSTRATION and ACCEPTANCE, believing God has a better plan for me. And he always does.

It must not stop me or you from planning for the future, however, the key here is to accept disappointment when it doesn’t go the way we envisage it and TRUST IN GOD. God’s ways always work. In God’s time and not our time. 

Prayer: God Almighty, help me to always trust, depend on you. Let me remember always that your plans are better than mine and also accept my failures with a good heart. Amen.



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