The Chosen Ones. Why You May Not Realise You Have Been Chosen!

Whenever I am chosen, I have the ability to make 3 choices; Yes, No, or Maybe.

The ability is not in question. Kindly follow my line of reasoning.

It has been declared in the ‘mother of all books’ – the holy Bible – that, firstly God LOVES ME (and this term is not used loosely) and secondly, that he has CHOSEN ME (selected me) as a SPECIAL PERSON.

This must, and should mean a lot to me. It means I may not know how special I really am that I have been chosen by God Almighty the creator.

Just imagine how many eggs failed the fertilisation process in the womb? I did not fail, which has led to my been born. Therefore, I was chosen to be born and stay alive by God Almighty.

God does not choose if he has no role. He doesn’t choose for emotional reasons. He chose me for a PURPOSE.

Now, remember I mentioned I make choices. How many times have I made the choice to forget, which meant, ‘no’ to God? How about the ‘maybe’ choice, which God despises because he doesn’t like LUKEWARMNESS. And the ‘yes’ choice, which most certainly must have led to many successes.

If I can make it a lifestyle to believe I am a chosen one and that I may not be special to a certain person as I am to God Almighty, nothing else matters.

It will then make sense to me to always be GENTLE, KIND, HUMBLE, MEEK and PATIENT.

Prayer: Daddy in heaven, as you have made this known to me how special I am to you, help me never to forsake you and to always consider you and put you first in all of my activities. So help me Jesus. Amen.






One Comment Add yours

  1. oluyomidossy says:

    I am the apple of His eyes, created for a purpose. Thank you Lord.


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